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Майкл Делл

Дата рождения: 23. Февраль 1965

Майкл Сол Делл — основатель и руководитель компании Dell. Начинал свою фирму в кустарных условиях, предоставляя самодельные модификации IBM PC. В 2013 году занял 49 строку в списке 100 богатейших людей мира с состоянием в $15,9 млрд.

Цитаты Майкл Делл

„Идея — это товар. Реализация — нет.“

„If you want to sustain excellence over a long time, you'd better come up with a system that works well. Anyone can sprint for a little while, but you can't sprint for forty years.“

„People have often told us that what we wanted to do couldn’t be done. Our success is due, in part, to not just an ability but a willingness to look at things differently. I believe opportunity is part instinct and part immersion—in an industry, a subject, or an area of expertise. Dell is proof that people can learn to recognize and take advantage of opportunities that others are convinced don’t exist.“ Direct From Dell: Strategies That Revolutionized an Industry

„As you start your journey, the first thing you should do is throw away that store-bought map and begin to draw your own.“

„Sometimes it's better not to ask-or to listen-when tell you something can't be done. I didn't ask for permission or approval. I just went ahead and did it.“ Direct from Dell

„I started the business with a simple question: How can we make the process of buying a computer better? The answer was: Sell computers directly to the end customer. Eliminate the reseller's markup and pass those savings on to the customer.“ Direct from Dell

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