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Майкл Фрейн

Дата рождения: 8. Сентябрь 1933

Майкл Фрейн — английский журналист, писатель, драматург, переводчик.

„Скрытые миры не дают покоя нашему воображению. Преступный мир, андеграунд, полусветское общество (отчасти занятое представителями светского круга в обличье мистера Хайда).
Мир богов, Шангри-ла, Срединный мир, Зазеркалье.
Мафия, правящая верхушка, Система, великий заговор левых сил, великий заговор правых сил.
Из этих пяти, на первый взгляд нормальных, уважаемых граждан, один – безжалостный убийца, который распотрошил сэра Тоби инкрустированным яванским ножом для бумаг! – И сразу все пятеро становятся чрезвычайно интересными самой своей незаинтересованностью.“

„I haven't come to the theater to hear about other people's probelms. I've come to be taken out of myself, and, preferably, not put back again.“

„Mathematics becomes very odd when you apply it to people. One plus one can add up to so many different sums“ Copenhagen

„We can't stop reading. Compulsively we find ourselves reading significance into dreams (we construct a science upon it); into tea-leaves and the fall of cards. We look up at the shifting vapours in the sky, and see faces, lost cities, defeated armies. Isolated in the dark, with nothing to hear and no surfaces to touch, we hallucinate reading-matter. Our craving becomes generalized – for 'the meaning of life'.

If we lived alone in a featureless desert we should learn to place the individual grains of sand in a moral or aesthetic hierarchy. We should long to find the greatest grain of sand in the world, and even (in order to find a fixed point of orientation in time as well as in space) the all-time greatest grain of sand; the grain of sand whose discovery changed our whole understanding of grains of sand for ever.“

„Bohr: Heisenberg, I have to say - if people are to be measured strictly in terms of observable quantities...

Heisenberg: Then we should need a strange new quantum ethics.“

„Some questions remain long after their owners have died. Lingering like ghosts. Looking for the answers they never found in life.“ Copenhagen

„Yes, and you’ve never been able to understand the suggestiveness of paradox and contradiction. That’s your problem. You live and breathe paradox and contradiction, but you can no more see the beauty of them than the fish can see the beauty of the water“ Copenhagen

„And now everything has changed once again. The air of the Close each evening is full of bird song - I've never really noticed it before. Full of birdsong and summer perfumes, full of strange glimpses and intimations just out of the corner of my eye, of longings and sadness and undefined hopes. It has a name, this sweet disturbance. Its name is Lamorna.“ Spies

„Perhaps the home I am homesick for is still there, after all.“

„.. deceivers must expect to be deceived.“ The Russian Interpreter

„Margrethe: And when all our eyes are closed, when even the ghosts have gone, what will be left of our beloved world? Our ruined and dishonoured and beloved world?“

„Two thousand million people in the world, and the one who has to decide their fate is is the only one who's always hidden from me.“ Copenhagen

„I can't help feeling," says Howard, sticking his head forward ruefully, "now I know who you are, that I've been a bit outspoken in some of my remarks about the system."

"Not at all!" says Freddie.

"Not a bit!" says Caroline.

"But I must in all honesty say," says Howard very quickly, jutting his chin out and smilingly blinking his eyes, "that I still think there are a number of things in the universe which really need seriously looking into."

"Oh, the whole thing!" says Freddie with feeling.

"Ghastly mess," says Caroline.

"Absolute disaster area," says Freddie.

"Frightful," says Caroline.

"So far as one can understand it," says Freddie.

"Freddie feels frightfully strongly about it, you see," says Caroline.

Howard looks from one to the other in astonishment.

"Good heavens!" he says. "I should never have guessed...."

"Oh, Freddie's a terrific radical," says Caroline.

"Really?" says Howard.

"A terrible firebrand, really," says Caroline.

Freddie knots himself up.

"A bit firebrandish," he admits.

"A bit of a Maoist, to tell you the truth," says Caroline.

She looks sideways at Howard to see how he is taking this. So does Freddie.

"A Maoist?" says Howard, astonished.

"Permanent revolution," says Caroline.

"That style of thing," agrees Freddie.

"What he feels, you see," says Caroline, "is that people ought to struggle pretty well all the time against the limitations of the world and their own nature. Not stop."

Howard gazes at Freddie, deeply impressed.

"Don't worry," says Freddie. "I don't think my views have much effect.“
Sweet Dreams

„We have one set of obligations to the world in general, and we have other sets, never to be reconciled, to our fellow-country men, to our neighbors, to our friends, to our family to our children. We have to go through not two slits at the same time but twenty-two. All we can do is to look afterwards, and see what happened.“ Copenhagen

„The almost egregiously English couple, Cedric and Rosamund Chailey, had slipped quietly away when the conversation turned to God. It had not seemed polite to be present when anything so American was being discussed.“ Skios

„But that one single soul was emperor of the universe, no less than each of us.“ Copenhagen

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