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Майоль, Аристид

Дата рождения: 8. Декабрь 1861
Дата смерти: 27. Сентябрь 1944


Аристид Майоль — французский скульптор и живописец каталонского происхождения.

Цитаты Майоль, Аристид

„My sculpture is altogether different from Rodin’s.... In sculpture he [Rodin] always sees the flesh first. [answering his critics]“

— Aristide Maillol
Quote in 'Aristide Maillol', George Waldemar (1965) p. 46; as cited in 'A sculpture of interior Solitude', Angelo Carnafa, Associated University Presse, 1999, p. 166


„The first thing that strikes [one] in Cézanne is not apples, but balance of tones. With elements drawn from nature, what did [Cézanne] attempt? To create, to arouse powerful feeling, to awaken in the hearts of men that which is eternal in men.“

— Aristide Maillol
in a writing of Maillol, quoted in 'Aristide Maillol', ed. Andrew C. Ritchie, Albright Art Gallery N Y 1945, p. 31; as quoted by Angelo Carnafa, in 'A sculpture of interior Solitude', Associated University Presse, 1999, p. 168

„He [ Renoir; Maillol made his bust] was very interested, watching me do his bust. He said to me: 'Every time you touch it, it becomes more alive.“

— Aristide Maillol
Quote in Maillol's letter, 14th May 1887; as cited in Renoir – his life and work, Francois Fosca, Book Club Associates /Thames and Hudson Ltd, London 1975, p. 245-246

„Mademoiselle, I am told that you look like a Renoir and Maillol [as a model]. I would be happy with a Renoir.“

— Aristide Maillol
in his letter (1939) to his late model Dina Vierny; as quoted in Dictionary of artists’ models, Jill Berk Jiminez, Taylor and Francis 2001, p. 550

„A [figure] interests me when I can bring architecture out of it.“

— Aristide Maillol
as quoted in ’A sculpture of interior Solitude’, by Angelo Carnafa, Associated University Presse, 1999, p. 167

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