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Мануэль Кастельс

Дата рождения: 9. Февраль 1942


Мануэ́ль Касте́льс — испанский социолог-постмарксист, один из основателей теории новой социологии города.

Считается одним из ведущих социологов современности, специализирующимся в области теории информационного общества. В начале научной карьеры изучал проблемы урбанистики.

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„The Virtual Communitarian Culture“

— Manuel Castells
Context: The Internet culture is characterized by four layer-structure: •       The Techno-Meritocratic Culture •       The Hacker Culture •       The Virtual Communitarian Culture •       The Entrepreneurial Culture p. 37


„Let me start a different/ analysis by recalling an idea from Max Weber. He characterized cultural modernity as the separation of the substantive reason expressed in religion and metaphysics into three autonomous spheres. They are science, morality and art. These came to be differentiated because the unified world-views of religion and metaphysics fell apart. Since the 18th century, the problems inherited from these older world-views could be arranged so as to fall under specific aspects of validity: truth, normative rightness, authenticity and beauty. They could then be handled as questions of knowledge, or of justice and morality, or of taste. Scientific discourse, theories of morality, Jurisprudence, and the production and criticism of art could in turn be institutionalized. Each domain of culture could be made to correspond to cultural professions in which problems could be dealt with as the concern of special experts. This professionalized treatment of the cultural tradition brings to the fore the intrinsic structures of each of the three dimensions of culture. There appear the structures of cognitive-instrumental, of moral-practical and of aesthetic-expressive rationality, each of these under the control of specialists who seem more adept at being logical in these particular ways than other people are. As a result, the distance grows between the culture of the experts and that of the larger public. What accrues to culture through specialized treatment and reflection does not immediately and necessarily become the property of everyday praxis. With cultural rationalization of this sort, the threat increases that the life-world, whose traditional substance has already been devalued, will become more and more impoverished.“

— Manuel Castells
p. 8-9

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