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Марк Девер

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Цитаты Марк Девер

„Покаяние — это обращение от любимых грехов к святому Богу, которого вы призваны любить. Это признание того, что вы — не Бог. Это когда оценка Иисуса для вас дороже, чем ваше мгновенное удовольствие. Это оставление того, что Библия называет грехами, и отказ от них ради следования за Иисусом.“

„A healthy church is not a church that's perfect and without sin. It has not figured everything out. Rather, it's a church that continually strives to take God's side in the battle against the ungodly desires and deceits of the world, our flesh, and the devil. It's a church that continually seeks to conform itself to God's Word.“ Nine Marks of a Healthy Church

„Job learned about the vanity of this world by losing it all; the Teacher {Qoheleth} saw it by having it all." (The Message of the Old Testament, p. 536)“

„... the first step toward the one true God is to acknowledge that we are not that God.“ Nine Marks of a Healthy Church

„Correct division should be preferred over corrupt unity.“ The Church: The Gospel Made Visible

„Evangelism is not persuading people to make a decision; it is not proving that God exists, or making out a good case for the truth of Christianity; it is not inviting someone to a meeting; it is not exposing the contemporary dilemma, or arousing interest in Christianity; it is not wearing a badge saying 'Jesus Saves'! Some of these things may be right and good in their place, but none of them should be confused with evangelism. To evangelize is to declare on the authority of God what he has done to save sinners, to warn men of their lost condition, to direct them to repent, and to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.5“ The Gospel and Personal Evangelism

„God uses not so much gifts for evangelism (though there is a biblical gift of evangelism) but the faithfulness of thousands and millions of Christians who would never say evangelism is their gift. Your conclusion that you are not gifted for a particular task does not absolve you of responsibility to obey. You may conclude that evangelism is not your gift, but it is still your duty. Not“ The Gospel and Personal Evangelism

„If you think that the gospel is all about what we can do, that the practice of it is optional, and that conversion is simply something that anyone can choose at any time, then I'm concerned that you'll think of evangelism as nothing more than a sales job where the prospect is to be won over to sign on the dotted line by praying a prayer, followed by an assurance that he is the proud owner of salvation.“ The Gospel and Personal Evangelism

„To live as God meant us to live, we must trust him, and—to no small extent—trust those made in his image. Everyone in the Bible from Adam and Eve to the rogue rulers in the book of Revelation showed their evil fundamentally by denying God’s authority and usurping it as their own.“ Baptist Foundations: Church Government for an Anti-Institutional Age

„J. C. Ryle said, "There is a common, worldly kind of Christianity in this day, which many have, and think they have enough - a cheap Christianity which offends nobody, and requires no sacrifice - which costs nothing, and is worth nothing."3“ The Gospel and Personal Evangelism

„The church should not be an assembly of the self-righteous but an assembly of people who admit that they are not righteous apart from God’s grace.“ The Unadjusted Gospel

„We don't fail in our evangelism if we faithfully tell the gospel to someone who is not converted; we fail only if we don't faithfully tell the gospel at all. Evangelism itself isn't converting people; it's telling them that they need to be converted and telling them how they can be.“ The Gospel and Personal Evangelism

„To submit to the authority of Scripture is to submit to its king and the gospel word of its king. It is to repent, believe, and be saved. As such, “the church” can be alive and well on planet earth even though no ecclesial authority recognizes it as such. People hear the Word of God, repent, trust, and so become “the church” (see Rom 10:17). The Word precedes the church. Theologian Christoph Schwöbel observes, “As the creature of the divine Word the Church is constituted by divine action.”689 God’s Word creates God’s people.690 This is a bedrock principle of Protestant ecclesiology.“ Baptist Foundations: Church Government for an Anti-Institutional Age

„Forgetfulness of God's grace is one of the greatest tools in the enemy's war against our souls.“ 12 Challenges Churches Face

„Given our disagreements over some points of the Bible, denominations are good, not bad, because they allow each church to follow Jesus according to conscience, and they keep strife between Christians of different convictions at bay. But if those denominations become the ultimate focus of our loyalty, then they are terrible idols. Keep clear fences but keep them low, and shake hands over them often.“ The Unadjusted Gospel

„Too many churches today have preachers who look to the culture around them not simply for the most effective methods of communicating their message but for the most effective message to be preached.“ Preach: Theology Meets Practice: Theology Meets Practice