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Марк, Франц

Дата рождения: 8. Февраль 1880
Дата смерти: 4. Март 1916


Франц Марк — немецкий живописец, яркий представитель немецкого экспрессионизма. Наряду с Августом Маке, Василием Кандинским и др. являлся участником и главным организатором художественного объединения «Синий всадник».

Цитаты Марк, Франц

„I can in no other way overcome my imperfections and the imperfections of life than by translating the meaning of my existence into the spiritual, into that which is independent of the mortal body, that is, the abstract.“

— Franz Marc
Quote, (August 1914); as quoted in Franz Marc, horses, ed. Christian von Holst, Hatje Cantz Publishers, (undated), 15 December 1914, p.34 by the outbreak of World War 1. in August 1914 the animals had disappeared in Marc's art. Only colours and forms – the abstract – had to evoke the spiritual]


„Don't worry, I will come through, and I'm also fine as far as my health goes. I feel well and watch myself.“

— Franz Marc
In a letter to his wife Maria (4 March 1916, the day he died by shrapnel), in Letters from the war: Franz Marc, new edition by Klaus Lankheit & Uwe Steffen, American University Studies, Vol. 16, p. 113

„I cannot get over the strange conflict between my estimation of their ideas [the artists of Italian Futurism ] most of which I find brilliant and fruitful, and my view of the [their] pictures [he saw on the Walden exhibition in Berlin, Spring 2012], which strike me as, without a doubt, utterly mediocre.“

— Franz Marc
In a letter to Wassily Kandinsky, 1912; as quoted in Movement, Manifesto, Melee: The Modernist Group, 1910-1914, Milton A. Cohen, Lexington Books, Sep 14, 2004, p. 309 (note 23) [in a letter, several months later to August Macke Franz Marc writes about the Futurist paintings he saw in Munich: '[Their] effect is magnificent, far, far more impressive then in Cologne' (where Marc had helped Macke with hanging the Futurist exposition)].

„The harvest of your Summer [1910] is displayed on our walls. I like some of them terrifically. The 'certainty' with which most of it is done makes me feel ashamed of myself. The thousand steps that I need to take for a picture are of no advantage, as I sometimes foolishly used to think. Things must change.“

— Franz Marc
In a letter to August Macke, Nov. 1910; as quoted by , in Expressionism; Praeger Publishers, New York, 1973, p. 128 Franz Marc is reacting on Macke who focused in his exhibited works strongly on the independent power of color

„The editors of the Blaue Reiter will now be the starting point for new exhibitions... We will try to become the center of the new movement. The association may assume there the role of the new (Scholle).“

— Franz Marc
Quote from a letter to his brother (4 Dec. 1911); as cited in 'Lankheit, Almanac 14'; as quoted in 'Leaders', in Movement, Manifesto, Melee: The Modernist Group, 1910-1914, Milton A. Cohen, Lexington Books, Sep 14, 2004, p. 67

„The impure men and women who surrounded me (and particularly the men), did not arouse any of my real feelings; while the natural feeling for life possessed by animals set in vibration everything good in me. [from the front of World War 1. ].“

— Franz Marc
In a letter to his wife, April 1915; as quoted in Artists on Art – from the 14th – 20th centuries, ed. by Robert Goldwater and Marco Treves; Pantheon Books, 1972, London, p. 444

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