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Мэссинджер, Филипп

Дата рождения: 1583
Дата смерти: 17. Март 1640


Филипп Мэссинджер — английский драматург — один из непосредственных преемников Шекспира.

Цитаты Мэссинджер, Филипп

„The good needs fear no law,
It is his safety and the bad man's awe.“

— Philip Massinger
The Old Law (c. 1615–18; printed 1656), with Thomas Middleton and William Rowley.

„This many-headed monster,
The giddy multitude.“

— Philip Massinger
The Roman Actor (1626), Act iii. Sc. 2. Compare: "Many-headed multitude", Sir Philip Sidney, Defence of Poesy, Book ii; "Many-headed multitude", William Shakespeare, Coriolanus, act ii, scene 3; "This many-headed monster, Multitude", Daniel, History of the Civil War, book ii, st. 13.


„Some undone widow sits upon mine arm,
And takes away the use of it; and my sword,
Glued to my scabbard with wronged orphans' tears,
Will not be drawn.“

— Philip Massinger
A New Way to pay Old Debts (1625), Act v. Sc. 1. Compare: "From thousands of our undone widows / One may derive some wit", Thomas Middleton, A Trick to catch the Old One (1605), Act i, Scene 2.

„What a sea
Of melting ice I walk on!“

— Philip Massinger
The Maid of Honour (c. 1621; printed 1632), Act III, scene iii.

„Death hath a thousand doors to let out life.“

— Philip Massinger
A Very Woman (1619), Act v. Sc. 4. Compare: "Death hath so many doors to let out life", Beaumont and Fletcher, The Custom of the Country, act ii. sc. 2; "The thousand doors that lead to death", Sir Thomas Browne, Religio Medici, part i, sect. xliv.

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