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Осаму Дадзай

Дата рождения: 19. Июнь 1909
Дата смерти: 13. Июнь 1948
Другие имена: אוסאמו דאזאי, اوسامو دازای, Дадзай Осаму

Осаму Дадзай — один из самых известных японских писателей начала XX века. Дадзай Осаму — псевдоним, настоящее имя Сюдзи Цусима . Wikipedia

Цитаты Осаму Дадзай

„Society. I felt as though even I were beginning at last to acquire some vague notion of what it meant. It is a struggle between one individual to another, a then-and-there struggle, in which the immediately triumph is everything.“

—  Osamu Dazai, книга No Longer Human

‘Human beings never submit to human beings.’ Even slaves practice their mean retaliations. Human beings cannot conceive of any mean retaliations. Human beings cannot conceive of any means of survival except of a single then-and-there contest. They speak of duty to one’s country and such like things, but the object of their effort is invariably the individual, and, even once the individual’s needs have been met, again the individual comes in. The incomprehensibility of society is the incomprehensibility of the individual. The ocean is not society; it is individuals. This is how I managed to gain a modicum of freedom from my terror of the illusion of the ocean called the world. I learned to behave rather aggressively, without the endless anxious worrying I knew before, responding as it were to the needs of the moment.
Third Notebook: Part One
No Longer Human

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