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Дата рождения: 522 до н.э.
Дата смерти: 446 до н.э.

Пи́ндар — один из самых значительных лирических поэтов Древней Греции. Был включен в канонический список Девяти лириков учёными эллинистической Александрии. Им особенно восхищался Гораций.

„Непоколебимое основание государства — справедливость.“

„Склонность к ссоре, поношению и зависти — спутник пустых людей.“

„O my soul, do not aspire to immortal life,
but exhaust the limits of the possible.“

„Every gift which is given, even though is be small, is in reality great, if it is given with affection.“ Pindar

„Learn what you are and be such.“

„My soul, do not seek eternal life, but exhaust the realm of the possible.“

„* Pindar, a Thebian Greek wrote (circa 350 B. C. E.) War is sweet to those who have no experience of it. But the experienced man trembles exceedingly in his heart at its approach.“

„Youth is a blossom whose fruit is love; happy is he who plucks it after watching it slowly ripen.“

„Steer your boat with justice: forge
A tongue on truth's anvil.“
Selected Odes

„Become what you are.“

„Become such as you are, having learned what that is.“

„Creatures of a day. What is someone? What is no one? Man is the dream of a shadow.“ The Odes

„The race of gods and men is one, and from one mother we both draw our breath. Yet all the difference in our power holds us apart, so that man is nothing, but the brazen floor of heaven is eternally unshakable.“

„But in one short span of time winds quickly shift direction,   veering back and forth.“ The Complete Odes

„There are indeed many wonders, and with regard to the stories people tell one another, it may be that such tales go beyond the true account and, embellished with iridescent lies, beguile them.“

„Creatures of a day, what is any one? What is he not? Man is but a dream of a shadow. Yet when there comes as a gift of heaven a gleam of sunshine, there rest upon men a radiant light and, aye, a gentle life.“ Odes for Victorious Athletes

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