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Рекс Стаут

Дата рождения: 1. Декабрь 1886
Дата смерти: 27. Октябрь 1975
Другие имена: 雷克斯·史陶德, Ռեքս Ստաուտ, رکس استوت

Рекс Тодхантер Стаут — американский писатель, автор детективных романов, создатель цикла детективных произведений о Ниро Вульфе.

„We are all vainer of our luck than of our merits.“

—  Rex Stout, книга The Rubber Band

Источник: The Rubber Band

„I will ride my luck on occasion, but I like to pick the occasion.“

—  Rex Stout, книга Might as Well Be Dead

Источник: Might as Well Be Dead

„Afraid? I can dodge folly without backing into fear.“

—  Rex Stout, книга The Doorbell Rang

Источник: The Doorbell Rang

„A man may debar nonsense from his library of reason, but not from the arena of his impulses.“

—  Rex Stout, книга The League of Frightened Men

Источник: The League of Frightened Men

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„There are various ways to call a man a liar. One way is just to scream it at him, which doesn't prove anything. Another is to establish facts by long and patient investigation. Still another way is not to call him a liar at all — let him do it himself.“

—  Rex Stout

On his work on Our Secret Weapon, as quoted in "Mystery Story Writer Turns Detective, Finding Axis Lies; Rex Stout, Creator of Nero Wolfe, Using Our Secret Weapon — Truth" by Trudi McCullough in The Milwaukee Journal (30 September 1942) http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1499&dat=19420930&id=tO4ZAAAAIBAJ&sjid=6SIEAAAAIBAJ&pg=3279,6165010

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