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Рэнди Пол Гейдж

Дата рождения: 6. Апрель 1959

Рэнди Пол Гейдж — эксперт по саморазвитию, специализирующийся в области достижения успеха и благосостояния. Известен как автор книги "Почему вы глупы, больны и бедны… И как стать умным, здоровым и богатым!"

Известен также по прозвищу "Мессия Миллионеров", из-за таких убеждений Рэнди Гейджа, как "Люди рождены быть богатыми, и быть бедным — грех".

Цитаты Рэнди Пол Гейдж

„Хочешь быть успешным – учись, общайся с успешными людьми. Хочешь быть здоровым – учись, общайся со здоровыми людьми. Хочешь быть счастливым – учись, общайся с жизнерадостными людьми.“

„Я буду делать сегодня то, что большинство не будет делать, поэтому завтра я буду иметь то, что большинство не будет иметь.“

„People think that the opposite of success is failure, but it's not. Failure is part of the process of success.“

„If you want to be a thought leader, market leader, or change the world - you have to give up the need to be liked. Telling people what they want to hear makes you popular. Telling people what they need to hear makes you relevant, empowering, and significant.

Don't pander to the masses. Speak to the people you really want to reach and be honest. Challenge them to do more and become better. And know that if you're not attracting some haters - you're probably not doing something significant.“
Mad Genius: A Manifesto for Entrepreneurs

„Nothing will infect you with a negative view of the world faster than hanging around people with harmful belief systems.“ Why You're Dumb, Sick and Broke...And How to Get Smart, Healthy and Rich!

„If everyone had their own happiness as a foundational value, and acted on principles that enabled them to be truly happy, what a wonderful world it would be!“ Why You're Dumb, Sick and Broke...And How to Get Smart, Healthy and Rich!

„A strong man cannot help a weaker unless the weaker is willing to be helped, and even then the weak man must be strong of himself; he must, by his own efforts, develop the strength which he admires in another. None but himself can alter his condition.“ Prosperity Mind!

„Create art. Not just an art, but thermo fucking nuclear art.“ Mad Genius: A Manifesto for Entrepreneurs

„Failure isn't losing, failure is mediocrity.“ Mad Genius: A Manifesto for Entrepreneurs

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