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Ревель, Жан-Франсуа фото
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Ревель, Жан-Франсуа

Дата рождения: 19. Январь 1924
Дата смерти: 30. Апрель 2006

Жан-Франсуа Ревель — французский философ, писатель, журналист.

Цитаты Ревель, Жан-Франсуа

„Democratic civilization is the first in history to blame itself because another power is working to destroy it.“

—  Jean-François Revel

Cited in The Effects of Mass Immigration On Canadian Living Standards and Society (2009). ed. Grubel, The Frasier Institute, pp. 202-203 ISBN 088975246X, 9780889752467
1980s, How Democracies Perish (1983)

„It is clear that international law must evolve, even if it will be difficult to find the new and appropriate notions that will allow it to … However, it is unlikely that we will ever be capable of building a world that is qualitatively better than we ourselves are.“

—  Jean-François Revel

Democracy Against Itself: The Future of the Democratic Impulse (1993), Revel, Free Press (1993), p. 264 ISBN 0029263875, 9780029263877
1990s, Democracy Against Itself: The Future of the Democratic Impulse (1993)

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