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Роберт Вальзер

Дата рождения: 15. Апрель 1878
Дата смерти: 25. Декабрь 1956

Ро́берт Ва́льзер — швейцарский поэт и прозаик, писал на немецком языке.

Цитаты Роберт Вальзер

„Не задумывай добрых дел, а делай добро.“

„Кто не умеет отказываться, тому не испытать глубокого наслаждения.“

„Все женщины заслуживают комплиментов. В каждой женщине есть что-то благородное. Я видел, как прачки двигаются, как королевы.“

„That is all very senseless, but this senselessness has a pretty mouth, and it smiles.“ Jakob von Gunten

„I don't want a future, I want a present. To me this appears of greater value. You have a future only when you have no present, and when you have a present, you forget to even think about the future.“ The Tanners

„Every sensitive person carries in himself old cities enclosed by ancient walls“

„One is always half mad when one is shy of people.“ Jakob von Gunten

„How reprehensible it is when those blessed with commodities insist on ignoring the poor. Better to torment them, force them into indentured servitude, inflict compulsion and blows—this at least produces a connection, fury and a pounding heart, and these too constitute a form of relationship. But to cower in elegant homes behind golden garden gates, fearful lest the breath of warm humankind touch you, unable to indulge in extravagances for fear they might be glimpsed by the embittered oppressed, to oppress and yet lack the courage to show yourself as an oppressor, even to fear the ones you are oppressing, feeling ill at ease in your own wealth and begrudging others their ease, to resort to disagreeable weapons that require neither true audacity nor manly courage, to have money, but only money, without splendor: That’s what things look like in our cities at present“ The Tanners

„How small life is here
and how big nothingness.
The sky, tired of light,
has given everything to the snow.

The two trees bow
their heads to each other.
Clouds cross the world’s
silence in a circle dance“
Oppressive Light: Selected Poems by Robert Walser

„When we realize that words can destroy something good, wonderful, and dear, and that by keeping silent we can avoid causing the least damage or harm, it’s easy to stay silent.“ Masquerade and Other Stories

„I am not here [in the sanitarium] to write, but to be mad.“

„How uninteresting interesting things can become.“ Masquerade and Other Stories

„With all my ideas and follies I could one day found a corporate company for the propagation of beautiful but unreliable imaginings.“ Jakob von Gunten

„Houses, gardens, and people were transfigured into musical sounds, all that was solid seemed to be transfigured into soul and into gentleness. Sweet veils of silver and soul-haze swam through all things and lay over all things. The soul of the world had opened, and all grief, all human disappointment, all evil, all pain seemed to vanish, from now on never to appear again. Earlier walks came before my eyes; but the wonderful image of the humble present became a feeling which overpowered all others. The future paled, and the past dissolved. I glowed and flowered myself in the glowing, flowering present. From near and far, great things and small things emerged bright silver with marvelous gestures, joys, and enrichments, and in the midst of this beautiful place I dreamed of nothing but this place itself. All other fantasies sank and vanished in meaninglessness. I had the whole rich earth immediately before me, and I still looked only at what was most small and most humble. With gestures of love the heavens rose and fell. I had become an inward being, and walked as in an inward world; everything outside me became a dream; what I had understood till now became unintelligible. I fell away from the surface, down into the fabulous depths, which I recognized then to be all that was good. What we understand and love understands and loves us also. I was no longer myself, was another, and yet it was on this account that I became properly myself. In the sweet light of love I realized, or believe I realized, that perhaps the inward self is the only self which really exists.“ Selected Stories

„At least we should learn to understand our fellow beings, for we are powerless to stop their misery, their ignominy, their suffering, their weakness, and their death.“

„Your very eyes. How they have always been for me the command to obey, the inviolable and beautiful commandment. No, no, I'm not telling lies. Your appearance in the doorway!
You have been my body's health. Whenever I have read a book, it was you I was reading, not the book, you were the book. You were, you were.“
Jakob von Gunten

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