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Самед Бехранги

Дата рождения: 24. Июнь 1939
Дата смерти: 31. Август 1967

Самед Бехранги, перс. صمد بهرنگی‎, азерб. Səməd Behrəngi, — иранский детский писатель, социалист по убеждениям. Получил известность благодаря своей детской книге Маленькая чёрная рыбка .

Преподавал в сельской школе с 1957 г. Помимо литературных произведений, написал немало педагогических статей и эссе, собирал азербайджанское народное творчество

„Однажды мы все умрём, и не имеет значения — как; важно — за что?“

„I might face death any minute now! But I should try not to put myself in harms' way as long as I can live. Of course it is not important if I die, because this is going to happen anyway. I know my purpose, my purpose is: How will my life or death impact the lives of others?“ The Little Black Fish

„I read a book one day and my whole life was changed” starts Orhan Pamuk to his famous and brilliantly written book: The New Life. Some books just strike you with the very first sentence, and generally those are the ones that leave a mark in your memory and soul, the ones that make you read, come back many years later and read again, and have the same pleasure each time. I was lucky enough to have a father who was passionate about literature, so passionate that he would teach me how to read at the age of five. The very first book he bought for me was “The Little Black Fish” by Samad Behrangi. After that I started reading his other books, and at that age I had already owned a small Behrangi collection. Recently I was talking with a Persian friend about how Behrangi and his books changed my life. A girl, from another country, from kilometeters away, around the same time was also reading Behrangi’s books, and creating her own imaginary worlds with his rich and deep characters, and intense stories.“ The Little Black Fish

„Ben yalnızca sağa sola dolaşıp durmaktan bıktım, can sıkıntısı içinde yüzmek istemiyorum artık, bir nedeni olmadan mutlu olmak da istemiyorum; günün birinde gözlerimi açıp hepiniz gibi olduğumu, ilk başta bildiğimden fazla bir şey bilmediğimi görmek istemiyorum!“ Küçük Kara Balık

„The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them."
— Mark Twain
Beh-Rang was a critic of "an educational system that does not offer anything other than limited reading and writing."
The Little Black Fish

„Children’s literature must build a bridge between the colorful dream world full of fantasy and illusion, and a tougher real world full of twists and turns. The child armed with the torch of knowledge, awareness and guidance must cross this bridge and set foot to the intense harshness of the bigger world.”
An In-Depth Analysis of Educational Deadlock“

„From the will of a freedom-fighter, Farzad Kamangar:
"Is it possible to be a teacher and not show the path to the sea to the little fish of the country?
Is it possible to carry the heavy burden of being a teacher and be responsible for spreading the seeds of knowledge and still be silent? Is it possible to see the lumps in the throats of the students and witness their thin and malnourished faces and keep quiet? …
I cannot imagine witnessing the pain and poverty of the people of this land and fail to give our hearts to the river and the sea, to the roar and the flood.“

„... Shouldn`t we tell the child that in your country there are boys and girls who have never seen a piece of meat on their plates? Shouldn`t we tell the child that more than half of the world`s population are hungry, and why they are hungry, and how hunger could be diminished? Shouldn`t we give the child a true and logical understanding of the history and development of human societies?…"
An In-Depth Analysis of Educational Deadlock“

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