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Сельма Лагерлёф

Дата рождения: 20. Ноябрь 1858
Дата смерти: 16. Март 1940
Другие имена: Selma O.L. Lagerlöfová, Selma Lagerlöfová

Се́льма Отти́лия Лови́за Ла́герлёф — шведская писательница, первая женщина, получившая Нобелевскую премию по литературе и третья, получившая Нобелевскую премию .

Цитаты Сельма Лагерлёф

„Людям не всегда нужны советы. Иногда им нужна рука, которая поддержит. Ухо, которое выслушает, и сердце, которое поймет.“

„Вы не понимаете, что такое ваш собственный дом. Вам нужно выйти в мир и заблудиться там не раз и не два, прежде чем вы сумеете по-настоящему оценить то, что у вас есть.“

„Никакие самые изысканные яства на свете не могут доставить человеку большего наслаждения, чем те, которые он предвкушает в мечтах.“

„Самая мягкая постель не приносит отдохновения тому, кому не спится от горя.“

„Все мы слабы или грешны, а посему, в сущности, одному нечем хвалиться перед другим.“

„Nothing on earth can make up for the loss of one who has loved you.“

„Have you ever seen a child sitting on its mother’s knee listening to fairy stories? As long as the child is told of cruel giants and of the terrible suffering of beautiful princesses, it holds its head up and its eyes open; but if the mother begins to speak of happiness and sunshine, the little one closes its eyes and falls asleep with its head against her breast.... I am a child like that, too. Others may like stories of flowers and sunshine; but I choose the dark nights and sad destinies.“ Gösta Berling's Saga

„What Gosta,' he said to himself, 'can you no longer endure? You have been hardened in poverty all of your life; you have heard every tree in the forest, every tuft in the meadows preach to you of sacrifice and patience. You, brought up in a country where the winter is severe, and the summer joy is very short, have you forgotten the art of bearing your trials?
'Oh Gosta, a man must bear all that life gives him with a courageous heart and a smile on his lips, else he is no man. Sorrow as much as you will. If you love your beloved, let your conscience burn and chafe within you, but show yourself a man and a Varmlander. Let your glances beam with joy, and meet your friends with a gay word on your lips! Life and nature are hard. They bring forth courage and joy as a counterweight against their own hardness, or no one could endure them...“

„Non c'è niente di più bello che starsene lì sdraiati con un bel libro avuto in regalo, un libro nuovo che non si è ancora mai visto e che nessun altro in casa conosce, e sapere che si può leggere pagina dopo pagina finché si riesce a stare svegli. Ma come si fa la Notte di Natale, se non si sono ricevuti libri?“

„... I see the green earth covered with the works of man or with the ruins of men’s work. The pyramids weigh down the earth, the tower of Babel has pierced the sky, the lovely temples and the gray castles have fallen into ruins. But of all those things which hands have built, what hasn’t fallen nor ever will fall? Dear friends, throw away the trowel and mortarboard! Throw your masons’ aprons over your heads and lie down to build dreams! What are temples of stone and clay to the soul? Learn to build eternal mansions of dreams and visions!“ Gösta Berling's Saga

„Hon hade lärt sig älska kärleken med all dess plåga, dess tårar, dess längtan.
- Bättre sorgsen med den än glad utan den, sade hon.“
Gösta Berling's Saga

„He needed so much to weep. All the distrust of life which misfortunes had brought to the little Värmland boy needed tears to wash it away. Distrust that love and joy, beauty and strength blossomed on the earth, distrust in himself, all must go, all did go, for it was Easter; the dead lived and the Spirit of Fasting would never again come into power.“ Invisible Links

„We are the poem's ancient band of twelve that proceeds through the ages. There were twelve of us, when we ruled the world on the cloud-covered top of Olympus, and twelve when we lived as birds in Ygdrasil's green crown. Wherever poetry went forth, there we followed. Did we not sit, twelve men strong, at King Arthur's round table, and did twelve paladins not go in Charles the Twelfth's great army? On of us has been Thor, another Jupiter, as any man should be able to see in us yet today. The divine splendor can be sensed under the rags, the lion's mane under the donkey hide. Time has treated us badly, but when we are there, the smithy becomes Mount Olympus and the cavalier's wing a Valhalla.“ Gösta Berling's Saga

„Assim manda a justiça - a inteligência e a sabedoria foram e são ainda hoje as qualidades que transformam o mendigo em príncipe.“ The Wonderful Adventures of Nils

„La trappola per topi è un regalo di Natale, da parte di un topo che sarebbe rimasto catturato nella trappola del mondo se non era stato elevato a capitano di cavalleria. E allora ebbe la forza di cavarsela.“ Il libro di Natale

„... devo dire che c’è una tradizione a Mårbacka, che quando si va a dormire la Vigilia di Natale si ha il permesso di avvicinare un tavolino al letto, metterci sopra una candela e poi leggere finché si vuole. Questa è la più grande di tutte le gioie di Natale. Non c’è niente di più bello che starsene lì sdraiati con un bel libro avuto in regalo, un libro nuovo che non si è ancora mai visto e che nessun altro in casa conosce, e sapere che si può leggere pagina dopo pagina finché si riesce a stare svegli.“ Il libro di Natale

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