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Шон О'Кейси

Дата рождения: 30. Март 1880
Дата смерти: 18. Сентябрь 1964


Шон О’Ке́йси — ирландский драматург.

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Маклин, Чарлз
британско-ирландский актёр и драматург
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Оливер Голдсмит17
английский прозаик, поэт и драматург
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Джон Миллингтон Синг
ирландский драматург

Цитаты Шон О'Кейси


„When it was dark, you always carried the sun in your hand for me.“

— Sean O`Casey, Three More Plays: The Silver Tassie, Purple Dust, Red Roses For Me

„The whole worl's in a state o' chassis.“

— Sean O`Casey
Captain Boyle in Juno and the Paycock (1924), Act 1, and repeated several times later in the play.

„If England has any dignity left in the way of literature, she will forget for ever the pitiful antics of English Literature's performing flea.“

— Sean O`Casey
Letter to The Daily Telegraph, July 8, 1941; published in The Letters of Sean O'Casey: 1910-41 (New York: Macmillan, 1975) p. 890. Of P. G. Wodehouse's wartime broadcasts from Berlin.

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