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Уильямс, Хейли

Дата рождения: 27. Декабрь 1988


Хе́йли Нико́ль Уи́льямс — вокалистка американской рок-группы Paramore.

Цитаты Уильямс, Хейли


„This is what I've learned, in my life: Headbanging is crucial. Growing up is hard to do. There's nothing wrong with wearing a dress.“

— Hayley Williams
Hayley's "About Me" Profile from the Official Paramore's Web Site http://www.paramore.net/member/i/19150

„I have the ability to build myself up or break myself down. I stay positive. Strength comes from within.“

— Hayley Williams
From Hayley's Twitter. September 10, 2010. http://twitter.com/#!/yelyahwilliams/status/24055172040


„Love that so many of you are saying your 2 fav bands are Green Day & Paramore. Do you even realize how cool that is for us to hear!?“

— Hayley Williams
Hayley's Twitter post. http://twitter.com/#!/yelyahwilliams/status/54811243004952576 (10 September 2010)

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