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Уолтер Сэвидж Лэндор

Дата рождения: 30. Январь 1775
Дата смерти: 17. Сентябрь 1864

Уолтер Сэвидж Лэндор — английский поэт писавший с одинаковым совершенством по-английски и по-латыни. Дядя художника Генри Сэвиджа Лэндора.

„Нигде деспотизм не находится в такой безопасности, как под внешностью и вывеской свободы.“

„Всегда будь недоволен собой, если желаешь стать чем-то большим; ибо где ты собой доволен, там ты и останешься.“

„Никто не может оставаться счастливым, как только у него возникает желание стать еще счастливее.“

„Nothing is pleasanter to me than exploring in a library.“ Pericles and Aspasia

„What is reading but silent conversation.“ Imaginary Conversations

„When a cat flatters... he is not insincere: you may safely take it for real kindness.“ Imaginary Conversations

„I strove with none, for none was worth my strife.
Nature I loved, and, next to Nature, Art:
I warm'd both hands before the fire of life;
It sinks; and I am ready to depart.“

„Many laws as certainly make bad men, as bad men make many laws.“

„No truer word, save God's, was ever spoken,
Than that the largest heart is soonest broken.“

„Cats, like men, are flatterers.“ Imaginary Conversations

„Music is God's gift to man, the only art of Heaven given to earth, the only art of earth we take to Heaven.“

„Cats ask plainly for what they want.“ Imaginary Conversations

„We must not indulge in unfavorable views of mankind, since by doing it we make bad men believe they are no worse than others, and we teach the good that they are good in vain.“ Imaginary Conversations

„Death stands above me,
Whispering low I know not what into my ear.“

„The damps of autumn sink into the leaves and prepare them for the necessity of their fall; and thus insensibly are we, as years close around us, detached from our tenacity of life by the gentle pressure of recorded sorrow.“

„Petulance is not wit, although a few grains of wit may be found in petulance; quartz is not gold, although a few grains of gold may be found in quartz.“ Imaginary Conversations

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