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Адам Франк

У нас нет подтверждения идентичности данного автора, поэтому речь необязательно идет об известной личности.

Адам Франк — американский профессор астрофизики в Университете Рочестера и постоянный автор в журналах Discover and Astronomy и со-основатель популярного блога на National Public Radio

Цитаты Адам Франк

„Это закон физики. Суровая правда жизни в том, что сама Вселенная — это хаос. Как вы можете навести порядок дома или в своей жизни, если это противоречит природе Вселенной?“

„Rather than make claims of final theories, perhaps we should focus on our ever-continuing dialogue with the universe. It is the dialogue that matters most, not its imagined end. It is the sacred act of inquiry wherein we gently trace the experienced outlines of an ever-greater whole. It is the dialogue that lets the brilliance of the diamond’s infinite facets shine clearly. It is the dialogue that instills within us a power and capacity that is, and always has been, saturated with meaning.“ About Time: Cosmology and Culture at the Twilight of the Big Bang

„[... ] Our best theory for how matter behaves still tells us very little about what matter is. Materialists (physicalists) appeal to physics to explain the mind, but in modern physics the particles that make up a brain remain, in many ways, as mysterious as consciousness itself.
[... ]
Newtonian mechanics might be fine for explaining the activity of the brain. It can handle things such as blood flow through capillaries and chemical diffusion across synapses, but the ground of materialism becomes far more shaky when we attempt to grapple with the more profound mystery of the mind, meaning the weirdness of being an experiencing subject.
(Aeon article materialism-alone-cannot-explain-the-riddle-of-consciousness)“

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