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André Breton

Дата рождения: 19. Февраль 1896
Дата смерти: 28. Сентябрь 1966

Андре́ Брето́н — французский писатель и поэт, основоположник сюрреализма.

„Милое воображение, за что я больше всего люблю тебя, так это за то, что ты ничего не прощаешь.“

„Все, что я любил когда-то, неважно, удалось мне это сохранить или нет, я буду любить всегда.“

„Создатель трагических игрушек, предназначенных для взрослых.“ о Пабло Пикассо.

„My wish is that you may be loved to the point of madness.“ What is Surrealism?: Selected Writings

„Life’s greatest gift is the freedom it leaves you to step out of it whenever you choose.“ Anthology of Black Humor

„Tell me whom you haunt and I’ll tell you who you are.“

„The man who cannot visualize a horse galloping on a tomato is an idiot.“

„The imaginary is what tends to become real.“

„My wife with the hair of a wood fire
With the thoughts of heat lightning
With the waist of an hourglass
With the waist of an otter in the teeth of a tiger
My wife with the lips of a cockade and of a bunch of stars of the last magnitude
With the teeth of tracks of white mice on the white earth
With the tongue of rubbed amber and glass
My wife with the tongue of a stabbed host
With the tongue of a doll that opens and closes its eyes
With the tongue of an unbelievable stone
My wife with the eyelashes of strokes of a child's writing
With brows of the edge of a swallow's nest
My wife with the brow of slates of a hothouse roof
And of steam on the panes
My wife with shoulders of champagne
And of a fountain with dolphin-heads beneath the ice
My wife with wrists of matches
My wife with fingers of luck and ace of hearts
With fingers of mown hay
My wife with armpits of marten and of beechnut
And of Midsummer Night
Of privet and of an angelfish nest
With arms of seafoam and of riverlocks
And of a mingling of the wheat and the mill
My wife with legs of flares
With the movements of clockwork and despair
My wife with calves of eldertree pith
My wife with feet of initials
With feet of rings of keys and Java sparrows drinking
My wife with a neck of unpearled barley
My wife with a throat of the valley of gold
Of a tryst in the very bed of the torrent
With breasts of night
My wife with breasts of a marine molehill
My wife with breasts of the ruby's crucible
With breasts of the rose's spectre beneath the dew
My wife with the belly of an unfolding of the fan of days
With the belly of a gigantic claw
My wife with the back of a bird fleeing vertically
With a back of quicksilver
With a back of light
With a nape of rolled stone and wet chalk
And of the drop of a glass where one has just been drinking
My wife with hips of a skiff
With hips of a chandelier and of arrow-feathers
And of shafts of white peacock plumes
Of an insensible pendulum
My wife with buttocks of sandstone and asbestos
My wife with buttocks of swans' backs
My wife with buttocks of spring
With the sex of an iris
My wife with the sex of a mining-placer and of a platypus
My wife with a sex of seaweed and ancient sweetmeat
My wife with a sex of mirror
My wife with eyes full of tears
With eyes of purple panoply and of a magnetic needle
My wife with savanna eyes
My wife with eyes of water to he drunk in prison
My wife with eyes of wood always under the axe
My wife with eyes of water-level of level of air earth and fire“
Poems of André Breton: A Bilingual Anthology

„The clouds were disappearing rapidly, leaving the stars to die. The night dried up.“ The Magnetic Fields

„Beauty is like a train that ceaselessly roars out of the Gare de Lyon and which I know will never leave, which has not left. It consists of jolts and shocks, many of which do not have much importance, but which we know are destined to produce one, which does... The human heart, beautiful as a seismograph... Beauty will be CONVULSIVE or will not be at all.“ Nadja

„Words make love with one another.“

„All my life my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name.” andre breton“

„Beauty will be convulsive or will not be at all.“ Nadja

„Perhaps my life is nothing but an image of this kind; perhaps I am doomed to retrace my steps under the illusion that I am exploring, doomed to try and learn what I simply should recognize, learning a mere fraction of what I have forgotten.“

„May night continue to fall upon the orchestra“

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