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Андрей Макин

Дата рождения: 10. Сентябрь 1957

Андрей Сергеевич Маки́н — французский прозаик. Лауреат Гонкуровской премии , избран членом Французской академии 3 марта 2016 года . .

„Русская цивилизация отличается большой строгостью к речи. Если ты говоришь, а тем более пишешь, значит, тебе необходимо пробиться к чужой душе и сообщить ей нечто очень важное. Важное хотя бы для тебя самого. А иначе лучше молчать.“

„Я верил не в идеалы коммунизма, а в идеалы братства, социальной справедливости. Над этим смеялись. Я ненавидел всем своим существом «новую» Россию, в которой можно было наступить на горло человеку, пройти и даже не обернуться.“

„Россия настолько огромна, что она одна представляет собою весь мир“

„Вещи, престиж, социальные роли владеют нами, превращая нас в емкости для всего лишнего. Когда обеспечен насущный минимум, стоит задуматься не о поглощении, а о сотворении.“

„В России нужна оппозиция толстовского типа, когда человек уходит в свою «усадьбу» и может противостоять кому угодно. Отлучили его от церкви, а у него своя церковь, и он в ней молится.“

„People speak because they are afraid of silence. They speak mechanically whether aloud or to themselves. They are intoxicated by this vocal gruel that ensnares every object and every being. They talk about rain and fine weather; they talk about money, about love, about nothing. And even when they are talking about their most exalted love, they use words uttered a hundred times, threadbare phrases.“

„(...) the translator of prose is the slave of the author and the translator of poetry is his rival.“

„... she studies to be equal in a world that is no longer surprised at anything“ The Crime of Olga Arbyelina

„The life these words speak of is not worth the ink they are written in.... He now knows that the only words worth writing down arise when language is impossible.“ The Life of an Unknown Man

„This happiness rendered absurd men's desire to dominate, to kill, to possess, thought Volsky. For neither Mila nor he possessed anything. Their joy came from the things one does not possess, from what other people had abandoned or scorned. But, above all, this sunset, this scent of warm bark, these clouds above the young trees in the graveyard, these belonged to everybody!“ The Life of an Unknown Man

„They did not speak, surprised to see how simple, almost poor, happiness could be, yes, materially poor and yet so abundant.“ The Life of an Unknown Man

„Men can be pitiless towards a woman whose body has eluded them, particularly if this is thanks to their own cowardice.“ The Crime of Olga Arbyelina

„All of this seemed equally trifling to him now. And when he thought again about the world of free people, the difference between it and the miseries and joys of this place seemed minimal. If three tiny fragments of tea leaf chanced to fall into a prisoner's battered cup, he relished them. In Leningrad during the interval at the opera a woman sipped champagne with the same pleasure. Their sufferings were also comparable. Both the prisoner and the woman had painful shoes. Hers were narrow evening shoes which she took off during the performance. The prisoner suffered from what they wore in the camp, section of tyres into which you thrust your foot wrapped in rags and fastened with string. The woman at the opera knew that somewhere in the world there were millions of beings transformed into gaunt animals, their faces blackened by the polar winds. But this did not stop her drinking her glass of wine amid the glittering of the great mirrors. The prisoner knew that a warm and brilliant life was lived elsewhere in tranquility but this did not spoil his pleasure as he chewed those fragments of tea leaf....“ The Life of an Unknown Man

„their life will be made of the same stuff as this spring afternoon.“ Music of a Life

„This sacrifice, which saved his life, reminded him again that the evil of this world could be put to rout by the will of a single human being.“ The Life of an Unknown Man

„He had already come to see human lives as one single communal life and it was perhaps this perception that gave him hope.“ The Life of an Unknown Man

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