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Давид Серван-Шрейбер

Дата рождения: 21. Апрель 1961
Дата смерти: 24. Июль 2011

Давид Серван-Шрейбер — французский медик, специалист по нейронаукам и психиатр, автор бестселлеров. Популяризатор здорового образа жизни как метода борьбы с раком и стрессом, сам почти 20 лет боровшийся с раком мозга. Известнейшая книга — «Антирак», переведена на многие языки. Старший сын известного французского журналиста и политика Жан-Жака Сервана-Шрейбера.

„Важно уметь остановить поток негативных мыслей, которые возникают у нас к другим людям. Критикуя окружающих, мы укрепляемся в представлении, что мир так и устроен: в нём каждый человек — жертва или агрессор. И остаётся только ждать, когда наступит наша очередь стать мишенью для критики. Освобождаясь от жестоких оценок в отношении других, мы учимся не осуждать и самих себя.“

„To say “I love you,” Yanomami Indians of the Amazon say, “Ya pihi irakema,” meaning “I have been contaminated by your being”—a part of you has entered me, and it lives and grows.“ Anticancer: prévenir et lutter avec nos défenses naturelles

„Statistics are information, not condemnation. The objective, when you have cancer and want to combat fatality, is to make sure you find yourself in the long tail of the curve.“ Anticancer, a New Way of Life

„Administered daily, Gleevec can “contain” cancer growth, which then ceases to be dangerous. We have reached the stage of “cancer without disease,” in the language of Judah Folkman, who discovered angiogenesis.59 It so happens that many herbs and spices act along some of the same lines as Gleevec. This is true of the labiate family, for example, which includes mint, thyme, marjoram, oregano, basil, and rosemary. They are rich in fatty acids of the terpene family, which makes them particularly fragrant. Terpenes have been shown to act on a wide variety of tumors by reducing the spread of cancer cells or by provoking their death. One of these terpenes—carnosol in rosemary—affects the capacity of cancer cells to invade neighboring tissues. When it is incapable of spreading, cancer loses its virulence. Moreover, researchers at the National Cancer Institute have demonstrated that rosemary extracts help chemotherapy penetrate cancer cells. In tissue cultures, they lower the resistance of breast cancer cells to chemotherapy.60 In Richard Béliveau’s experiments, apigenine—plentiful in parsley and celery—has demonstrated powerful inhibition of the creation of blood vessels, which tumors need to grow, and to a degree comparable to Gleevec. This effect occurs even with very small concentrations, similar to those observed in the blood after consumption of parsley.“ Anticancer, a New Way of Life

„I felt like I was only just beginning to make a useful contribution. In persuing my education and my career, I had made many sacrifices, invested a lot in the future. And suddenly I was facing the possibility that there would be no future at all.“

„Statistics are information, not condemnation.“ Anticancer, a New Way of Life

„If we are incapable of controlling our existence, life loses its meaning, too.“ Tout ce qui n'intéressait pas Freud (Réponses)

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