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Филлис Шлафли

Дата рождения: 15. Август 1924
Дата смерти: 5. Сентябрь 2016

Филлис МкЭлпин Шлэфли — американский конституционный юрист и гражданский активист консервативного направления. Была известна своими крайне‑консервативными взглядами и антифеминизмом; успешно боролась против принятия поправки о равных правах для женщин к Конституции США. Ее книга «Выбор не эхо» , направленная против лидера республиканцев Нельсона Рокфеллера, разошлась в количестве более трех миллионов экземпляров. В соавторстве написала несколько книг по национальной обороне, в которых подвергла критике соглашения по контролю над вооружениями с СССР. В 1972 году основала консервативное общественное объединение Eagle Forum и оставалась его председателем и генеральным директором до своей смерти.

Цитаты Филлис Шлафли

„По убеждению многих мужчин, фраза: «Ужин готов?» — означает то же самое, что «Я тебя люблю».“

„Мы не можем ограничиться равенством. Для многих женщин равенство — шаг назад.“

„Я защищаю реальные права женщин. Женщина должна иметь право быть женой и матерью.“

„The feminist movement taught women to see themselves as victims of an oppressive patriarchy.... Self-imposed victimhood is not a recipe for happiness.“

„Recall that in April 2008 candidate Obama—unaware that a blogger was recording his remarks at a private fundraiser for moneyed Bay Area radicals—dismissed religion as a consolation for the “bitter” in Middle America. Contained within this one remark was the seed of secularist bigotry toward the religious that would come to full and odorous flower in his first term.“ No Higher Power: Obama's War on Religious Freedom

„The American nuclear family made America great, but few are now defending it against forces determined to destroy it. If America continues to have many immigrants with different family types, we are less likely to maintain American values of personal freedom, individualism, and limited government.“ Who Killed the American Family?

„Karl Marx famously belittled religion as an “opiate for the masses,” a drug that the spread of worldwide socialism would one day make undesirable. Obama’s aside in San Francisco about “bitter” Americans clinging to belief in God out of economic frustration was nothing more than a restatement of Marx’s view of religion. Like Marx, Obama views traditional religion as a temporary opiate for the poor, confused, and jobless—a drug that will dissipate, he hopes, as the federal government assumes more God-like powers, and his new morality of abortion, subsidized contraception, and gay marriage gains adherents. “You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, and like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not,” Obama said, warming to his theme in San Francisco. “So it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.“ No Higher Power: Obama's War on Religious Freedom

„Obama’s judges share his contempt for the original meaning of the Constitution. He has long seen the U. S. Constitution as an obstacle to what he considers progress. In a 2001 interview that surfaced during the 2008 presidential campaign, he made this very clear: the Supreme Court under Justice Earl Warren had failed to break “free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution,” Obama told the host of a radio show.“ No Higher Power: Obama's War on Religious Freedom

„Obama has compiled a record of hostility to religion that is unmatched by any other president in American history. Author David Barton calls Obama “America’s most Biblically-hostile U. S. president.” As commander in chief of the United States military, the office in which he enjoys unquestioned authority, he has been particularly aggressive in curbing religious expression. The military employs a high concentration of people who believe in God and Country—a formulation that Obama wants to replace with an allegiance to the State and its Progressive Social Engineering.“ No Higher Power: Obama's War on Religious Freedom

„How did the court feel empowered to put new limits on the settled law of Meyer-Pierce and give public schools the power to override parents on teaching about sex? Simple. The three liberal judges based their decision on “our evolving understanding of the nature of our Constitution.” Liberal judges have no shame in proclaiming their belief that our written Constitution is “evolving.” In this case, the judges bragged that the Constitution has evolved to create the right to abortion, and then ruled that the evolving Constitution takes sex education away from parents and puts it “within the state’s authority as parens patriae.” “The country as parent.” That’s Obama’s view of our future.“ No Higher Power: Obama's War on Religious Freedom

„What religious Americans might have been slow to realize is that the ACLU’s long march through the institutions of America has culminated at the door of Obama’s White House. Behind that door stands the one we have “been waiting for,” as liberals chanted about Obama in 2008. Obama is the fulfillment of the ACLU’s messianic secularist hopes. No president has done more to empty the public square of Christians than Barack Obama. To the delight of secularists, Obama has been stacking the federal courts with ACLU-style judges who read the First Amendment through an ahistorical and atheistic prism, or as they like to call it, the “living Constitution,” which is nothing more than a euphemism for whatever they think the Constitution should mean in our supposedly enlightened times.“ No Higher Power: Obama's War on Religious Freedom

„The Alinsky ideology and Alinsky concepts of mass organization for power” are not relics of the past but practices of the present. Alinsky died in 1972, but he left behind a cadre of community organizers who had been trained how to carry out the political strategies described in Alinsky’s frank and elegantly written book called Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals (originally published by Random House in 1971)—a book that made a deep impression on a young Barack Obama. The tone of Alinsky’s book and its obvious determination to change America into a socialist and secularist collective are made clear by the book’s audacious dedication to Satan in its first printing (later editions dropped this dedication): Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins—or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom—Lucifer.“ No Higher Power: Obama's War on Religious Freedom

„Obama did not want to join a historically Christian black church in Chicago that took traditional Christian doctrines seriously. Rather, he sought out a liberal church that would help him advance his budding political career. Remnick notes that Obama could have joined “Reverend Arthur Brazier’s enormous Pentecostal church on the South Side.” But he didn’t, and Brazier explained to Remnick why Obama didn’t join his church: Reverend Wright and I are on different levels of Christian perspective. Reverend Wright is more into black liberation, he is more of a humanitarian type who sought to free African-Americans from plantation policies. My view was more on the spiritual side. I was more concerned, as I am today, with people accepting Jesus Christ. Winning souls for Christ. The civil-rights movement was an adjunct; as a Christian, you couldn’t close your eyes to the injustice. But in my opinion the church was not established to do that. It was to win souls for Christ.“ No Higher Power: Obama's War on Religious Freedom

„Of course, even that day may come. The idea of mandatory contraception has been bruited about at the state level for drug-abusing or welfare-abusing mothers; and it is not hard to imagine that with the federal government counting on Obamacare cost savings from contraception that it could become as mandatory as having health insurance. And if gay marriage really is a civil right, how long will the federal government allow churches to opt out from respecting it? Obama’s supposed respect for the integrity of religious “sacraments” isn’t worth taking seriously. Under the nanny state of the left, nothing remains “private” for long. Should Obama win a second term, one can imagine his friends at Planned Parenthood calling for forcible sterilizations to “save costs” and gay groups calling for “hate crime” fines to be levied on Catholic priests who refuse to bless gay unions. Already in Canada and Western Europe, nonconformists can be dragged before judges for harboring the “wrong” thoughts. The French actress Brigitte Bardot has been “tried” several times for criticizing Islam. So was the late author Oriana Fallaci, who stood trial in Italy for “defaming Islam.” Do not kid yourselves: it could happen here. In a second term, the Obama administration will bring that day much closer.“ No Higher Power: Obama's War on Religious Freedom

„Wright told Klein that he saw the Obamas as secularists, for whom “church is not their thing”: And even after Barack and Michelle came to the church their kids weren’t raised in the church like you raise other kids in Sunday school. No. Church is not their thing. It never was their thing. Michelle was not the kind of black woman whose momma made her go to church, made her go to Sunday school, made her go to Baptist Young People’s Union. She wasn’t raised in that kind of environment. So the church was not an integral part of their spiritual lives after they got married. But the church was an integral part of Barack’s politics. Because he needed that black base.“ No Higher Power: Obama's War on Religious Freedom

„As far as Obama is concerned, the only religion to be “reformed”—which is to say destroyed—is the faith that shaped the West, not the religion of the West’s historic adversary. Obama has in effect declared to Christians in America: either bring your understanding of Christianity into line with my liberalism or don’t bother entering the public square. You want federal money? Well then, perform abortions, distribute condoms, and hire homosexual activists. He would never dare talk to Muslims in those terms. He gives back ancestral swords to freed Muslims from Guantanamo Bay and hands abortionists’ forceps to Christian doctors.“ No Higher Power: Obama's War on Religious Freedom

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