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Финкелькраут, Ален

Дата рождения: 30. Июнь 1949


Ален Финкелькраут — французский философ и публичный интеллектуал. Он написал много книг и эссе на широкий спектр тем, в том числе о проблемах идентичности, антисемитизма, французского коллониализма, меежэтнических конфликтов, ассимилиации иммигрантов, югославских войн.

В 1976 году, в возрасте 27 лет, Ален стал профессором департамента французской литературы университета Калифорнии в Беркли. С 1989 и по 2014 год он работал профессором в Эколь Политектик.

10 апреля 2014 года Ален Финкелькраут был избран членом Французской Академии .

Цитаты Финкелькраут, Ален


„According to … the French counterrevolutionaries and German Romantics, … the corpus of prejudices was a country’s cultural treasure, its ancient and tested intelligence, present as the consciousness and guardian of its thought. Prejudices were the “we” of every “I”, the past in the present, the revered vessels of the nation’s memory, its judgements carried from age to age. Pretending to spread enlightenment, the philosophes had set out to extirpate these precious residua. … The result was that they had uprooted men from their culture at the very moment when they bragged of how they would cultivate them. … Convinced that they were emancipating souls, they succeeded only in deracinating them. These calumniators of the commonplace had not freed understanding from its chains, but cut it off from its sources. The individual who, thanks to them, must now cast off childish things, had really abandoned his own nature. … The promises of the cogito were illusory: free from prejudice, cut off from the influence of national idiom, the subject was not free but shrivelled and devitalised. … Everyday opinion should therefore be regarded as the soil where thought was nourished, its hearth and sanctuary, … and not, as the philosophes would have it, as some alien authority which overwhelmed and crushed it. … The cogito needed to be steeped in the profundities of the collective mind; the broken links with the past needed repairing; the quest for independence should yield to that for authenticity. Men should abandon their scepticism and give themselves over to the comforting warmth of majoritarian ideas, bowing down before their infallible authority.“

— Alain Finkielkraut
pp. 25-26.

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