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Фредерик Браун

Дата рождения: 29. Октябрь 1906
Дата смерти: 11. Март 1972

Фредерик Браун — известный американский писатель-фантаст, работал также в жанре детектива. Писательская карьера Фредерика Брауна началась в середине 1930 годов, тогда он был репортером журнала «Милуоки», свою карьеру он начал с детективных произведений, однако больше известен благодаря произведениям в жанре юмористической фантастики. Автор более чем тридцати книг. Последняя книга — «Утраченный парадокс»— увидела свет в 1973 г. уже после смерти автора.

„Его нельзя было назвать по имени, ибо имени у него не было. Он не знал значения слова «имя», да и вообще никаких слов. Он не знал ни одного языка, ибо, странствуя по Галактике в течение бесчисленных мириадов световых лет, он не встретил ни единого признака жизни. Он считал себя единственным живым существом во всей Вселенной.“

„Хотите, расскажу вам страшную историю? В ней всего две фразы:“

„:Категория:Произведения Фредерика Брауна“

„Последний человек на Земле сидел в комнате. В дверь постучались.“ Кратчайшая страшная история из когда-либо написанных.

„THERE IS A LOVELY LITTLE horror story about the peasant who started through the haunted wood—the wood that was, people said, inhabited by devils who took any mortal who came their way. But the peasant thought, as he walked slowly along:

I am a good man and have done no wrong. If devils can harm me, then there isn't any justice.

A voice behind him said, “There isn't.“

„There is a sweet little horror story that is only two sentences long:
'The last man on Earth sat along in a room. There was a knock at the door…'
Two sentences and an ellipsis of three dots. The horror, of course, isn't in the story at all; it's in the ellipsis, the implication: what knocked at the door. Faced with the unknown, the human mind supplies something vaguely horrible.“
Space On My Hands

„people are complicated; you can't label 'em with a word.“

„It should not matter, but it does. I want to know how many hours of the night are gone and how many remain and that there is no good reason for my wanting to know does not stop the wanting.“ The Lenient Beast

„The funeral was beautiful.
I didn't mind it, really. It wasn't exactly Pop's funeral, to me. When I'd been alone with him, there in the little room, well, that was it, as far as I was concerned. I'd said good-bye to him, sort of, then.
This was just something you had to go through with, on account of other people and out of respect for Pop.“
The Fabulous Clipjoint

„When you look out of a window, when you look at anything, you know what you're seeing? Yourself. A thing can only look beautiful or romantic or inspiring only if the beauty or romance or inspiration is inside you.“

„Fortunately, I have forgotten most of the things that have happened to me. Fortunately, the mind has a limited capacity for remembering. It would be horrible if I remembered the details of a hundred and eighty thousand years—the details of four thousand lifetimes that I have lived since the first great atomic war.“ Letter to a Phoenix

„The human race will last. Everywhere and forever, for it will never be sane and only insanity is divine. Only the mad destroy themselves and all they have wrought.
And only the phoenix lives forever.“
Letter to a Phoenix

„Evidentemente, l’oggetto di studio della specie marziana era l’uomo. Gli animali, in quanto tali, non li interessavano, anche se non esitavano a spaventarli o provocarli ogniqualvolta tali azioni potessero avere l’indiretto effetto di disturbare o ferire gli esseri umani. I cavalli, in particolare, avevano paura di loro, e andare a cavallo, per sport o come mezzo di trasporto, diventò tanto pericoloso da essere impossibile.
Solo uno stupido, finché i marziani furono con noi, osò cercare di mungere una mucca che non fosse fermamente assicurata, con le zampe legate e la testa immobilizzata. I cani erano presi dalla frenesia; molti mordevano i loro padroni e li si doveva abbattere. Solo i gatti, dopo una o due esperienze iniziali, si abituarono a loro e li accettarono con calma e aplomb. Ma d’altra parte i gatti sono sempre stati diversi.“
Martians, Go Home

„Oh, just a minute, Mrs. Carr. What department at Bonney’s does your husband work in?” “The Roman candle department.” It made me forget, for the moment, what I’d been leading up to. I said, “The Roman candle department! That’s a wonderful phrase; I love it. If I sell the paper, darned if I don’t look up Bonney the very next day. I’d love to work in the Roman candle department. Your husband is a lucky man.” “You’re“ Night of the Jabberwock

„A high-pitched chuckle sounded only an inch or two from Dr. Snyder’s right ear. He jumped a few inches, but very carefully didn’t turn, knowing it would put the Martian’s face unbearably close to his own.

“Ver-y clever, Mack, ver-y clever. And screwy as a bedbug, screwy as a bedbug.”

“It’s perfectly logical,” said Dr. Snyder. “It’s absolutely proved. You can’t lie.”

“But I can,” said the Martian. “Work on the logic of that a while, Mack.“
Martians, Go Home

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