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Фрэнк Капра

Дата рождения: 18. Май 1897
Дата смерти: 3. Сентябрь 1991

Франк Ка́пра — американский кинорежиссёр и продюсер итальянского происхождения, мастер бурлескной комедии, лауреат премии «Оскар» , с 1939 по 1941 и с 1960 по 1961 год президент Гильдии режиссёров Америки.

„Я думал, что кинодрама — это когда героиня плачет. Я ошибался. Кинодрама — это когда плачут зрители.“

„I made mistakes in drama. I thought drama was when actors cried. But drama is when the audience cries.“

„A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.“

„I made some mistakes in drama. I thought the drama was when actors cried. But drama is when the audience cries.“

„Friend, you are a divine mingle-mangle of guts and stardust. So hang in there! If doors opened for me, they can open for anyone.“

„Film is one if three universal languages, the other two: mathematics and music.“

„Someone should keep reminding Mr. Average Man that he was born free, divine, strong; uncrushable by fate, society, or hell itself; and that he is a child of God, equal heir to all the bounties of God; and that goodness is riches, kindness is power, and freedom is glory. Above all, every man is born with an inner capacity to take him as far as his imagination can dream or envision-providing he is free to dream and envision.“ The Name Above The Title

„The world was in a confused turmoil-wars, H-bombs, confrontations, fear, hate, hate. And Hollywood was feeding the confusion with a steady diet of sex, violence, and lewdness. What wisdom needed, to catch up with our runaway technology, was time. And time might be bought not with violence, but with compassion-that divine unguent that lubricates and soothes our abrasive human hates. Compassion might just possibly slow down the ticking till we could defuse the world with reason.
And we had an outside chance of buying a little precious extra time by filming the life of Schnozzola, the great compassionate clown. A chance that got lost among stars and their satellites. Pity Pity.
Now what would I do? Certainly the world didn't need more films about sex, violence, and lewdness. Judging by contemporary Hollywood films, the United States was made up of sexpots, homosexuals, lesbians, Marquis de Sades, junkies too! too! beautiful people, country-club liberals, draft-card burners, and theatrical and religious figures bleeding make-believe blood for cause and camera. "Shock films," they called them; "skin flicks" that dealt not with the humorous, honest, robust, Rabelaisian earthiness that nurtures life, but with the cologned, pretentious, effete, adulterated crud that pollutes life.“
The Name Above The Title

„In these days of wars and rumors of wars, haven't you ever dreamed of a place where there was peace and security, where living was not a struggle but a lasting delight?“

„It was a magic carpet - woven with the coils and ringlets of a wondrous peel of limber plastic, whose filaments carried the genetic code of all the arts of man, and from which the abracadabra of science conjured up the hopes, the fears, the dreams of man - the magic carpet of FILM!“

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