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Ян Сибелиус

Дата рождения: 8. Декабрь 1865
Дата смерти: 20. Сентябрь 1957


Ю́хан Ю́лиус Христиа́н Сибе́лиус , более известный как Ян Сибелиус — финский композитор шведского происхождения.

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„It is so difficult to mix with artists! You must choose business men to talk to, because artists only talk of money.“

— Jean Sibelius
Bengt de Törne Sibelius: A Close-Up (London: Faber and Faber, 1937), p. 94. Usually quoted as "Musicians talk of nothing but money and jobs. Give me businessmen every time. They really are interested in music and art."

„In his work a means of escape has been found from outmoded romanticism on the one hand and from a barren objectivity on the other.“

— Jean Sibelius
Neville Cardus in the Manchester Guardian, 1935; reprinted in his The Delights of Music (1966) p. 56.


„Art is the signature of civilizations.“

— Jean Sibelius
Beverly Sills, interviewed on NBC TV, May 4, 1985.

„Whereas most other modern composers are engaged in manufacturing cocktails of every hue and description, I offer the public cold spring water.“

— Jean Sibelius
Cecil Gray Sibelius: The Symphonies (London: Oxford University Press, 1935) p. 56. Of his Symphony No. 6 (1923).

„The framework of a symphony must be so strong that it forces you to follow it, regardless of the environment and circumstances.“

— Jean Sibelius
To Jussi Jalas, October 1, 1939. http://www.sibelius.fi/english/omin_sanoin/ominsanoin_16.htm

„If we understood the world, we would realize that there is a logic of harmony underlying its manifold apparent dissonances.“

— Jean Sibelius
Henry Thomas & Dana Lee Thomas Living Biographies of Great Composers (Garden City (NY): Blue Ribbon, [1940] 1946) p. 309. Said in 1907, in conversation with Gustav Mahler.

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