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Юхан Август Стриндберг

Дата рождения: 22. Январь 1849
Дата смерти: 14. Май 1912

Ю́хан А́вгуст Стри́ндберг — шведский писатель и публицист. Основоположник современной шведской литературы и театра.

„Когда государство начинает убивать людей, оно всегда именует себя Родиной.“

„Я презираю людей, держащих собак. Они — трусы, у которых не хватает духа кусать лично.“

„Life is not so idiotically mathematical that only the big eat the small; it is just as common for a bee to kill a lion or at least to drive it mad.“ Miss Julie

„There are poisons that blind you, and poisons that open your eyes.“

„It's wonderful how, the moment you talk about God and love, your voice becomes hard, and your eyes fill with hatred. No, Margret, you certainly haven't the true faith.“ The Father

„Autumn is my spring!“ A Dream Play

„We are already in Hell. It is the earth itself that is Hell, the prison constructed for us by an intelligence superior to our own, in which I could not take a step without injuring the happiness of others, and in which my fellow creatures could not enjoy their own happiness without causing me pain.“

„Love between a man and woman is war.“

„if you are afraid of loneliness, don't get married“

„The further from one another, the nearer one can be.“ The Road to Damascus

„I, too, am beginning to feel an immense need to become a savage and create a new world.“

„Everything can happen, everything is possible and probable. Time and place do not exist; on a significant bases of reality, the imagination spins, weaving new patterns; a mixture of memories, experiences, free fancies, incongruities and improvisations.“ A Dream Play

„And why does man weep when he is sad? I asked at last—Because the glass in the eyes must be washed now and then, so that we can see clearly, said the child.“ A Dream Play

„Those who won't accept evil never get anything good.“ The Road to Damascus

„He saw the cause of his unhappiness in the family--the family as a social institution, which does not permit the child to become an independent individual at the proper time.“ Getting Married

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