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Ларри Нивен

Дата рождения: 30. Апрель 1938

Лоренс ван Котт Нивен — американский писатель-фантаст. Наиболее известен как автор романа «Мир-Кольцо» , получившего премии «Хьюго», «Локус», «Дитмар» и «Небьюла», и вымышленной вселенной — «Известный космос», вызвавшей поток последователей. Его творчество — «твердая» фантастика, совмещающая принципы серьёзной науки и теоретических домыслов. Также в его работах обычно есть элементы детектива и приключения.

„The gods do not protect fools. Fools are protected by more capable fools.“ Ringworld

„That's the thing about people who think they hate computers. What they really hate is lousy programmers.“

„1a) Never throw shit at an armed man.
1b) Never stand next to someone who is throwing shit at an armed man.“

„Never fire a laser at a mirror.“

„Ethics change with technology.“ N-Space

„Never tell a computer to forget it.“ A World Out of Time

„How much intelligence does it take to sneak up on a leaf?“ The Ringworld Engineers

„The value of a thing is what that thing will bring. -Legal Maxim“ Lucifer's Hammer

„For two hundred and fifty years the kzinti had not attacked human space. They had nothing to attack with. For two hundred and fifty years men had not attacked the kzinti worlds; and no kzin could understand it. Men confused them terribly.“ Ringworld

„There had been a popular joke on Freedom, started by a man named Calder. Looking down from space, he had said, the dominant life forms on Earth were obviously the cereals and other grasses. They occupied all the most desirable and fertile land; and they had tamed insects and animals to care for them. In particular, they had domesticated the bipeds to nurture and cultivate them and to save and plant their seed. Now, watching the farmers, Alex could easily imagine that they were worshiping and genuflecting before their masters.“

„Fear is the brother of hate.“

„1. a. Never throw shit at an armed man.
b. Never stand next to someone who
is throwing shit at an armed man.

2. Never fire a laser at a mirror.
3. Mother Nature doesn't care if you're having fun.
4. F × S = k. The product of Freedom and Security is a constant. To gain more freedom of thought and/or action, you must give up some security, and vice versa.
5. Psi and/or magical powers, if real, are nearly useless.
6. It is easier to destroy than create.
7. Any damn fool can predict the past.
8. History never repeats itself.
9. Ethics change with technology.
10. There Ain't No Justice. (often abbreviated to TANJ)
11. Anarchy is the least stable of social structures. It falls apart at a touch.
12. There is a time and place for tact. And there are times when tact is entirely misplaced.
13. The ways of being human are bounded but infinite.
14. The world's dullest subjects, in order:
a. Somebody else's diet.
b. How to make money for a worthy cause.
c. The Kardashians.

15. The only universal message in science fiction: There exist minds that think as well as you do, but differently.
Niven's corollary: The gene-tampered turkey you're talking to isn't necessarily one of them.
16. Fuzzy Pink Niven's Law: Never waste calories.
17. There is no cause so right that one cannot find a fool following it.
in variant form in Fallen Angels as "Niven's Law: No cause is so noble that it won't attract fuggheads."
18. No technique works if it isn't used.
19. Not responsible for advice not taken.
20. Old age is not for sissies.“

„Psi and/or magical powers, if real, are nearly useless.“ N-Space

„Some amiably deranged science-fiction writer had come up with it forty years back and, like so many of his kind, given it away for free - or anyway at fifty cents a word.“ The Goliath Stone

„Consider the true picture. Think of myriads of tiny bubbles, very sparsely scattered, rising through a vast black sea. We rule some of the bubbles. Of the waters we know nothing...“

„Everything starts as somebody's dream.“

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