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Людмила Улицкая

Дата рождения: 21. Февраль 1943

Людми́ла Евге́ньевна Ули́цкая — русская писательница, сценарист.

Первая женщина — лауреат премии «Русский Букер» . Лауреат премии «Большая книга» . Произведения Людмилы Улицкой переведены не менее, чем на 25 языков. Общественный деятель, учредитель «Лиги избирателей».

„События рифмуются. Я с детства очень хорошо знаю, что судьба готовит нам встречи, невстречи, соприкосновения, парные случаи... С годами это кружево — с рифмами, рефренами, повторами, предупреждениями и даже легкими издевками — делается все гуще, все рельефнее. Не знаю, зачем оно так спроектировано, но наблюдать за этим страшно увлекательно.“

„The insomnia I am talking about results from a mild state of possession, harmless to those around you, who sometimes even fail to notice it. It usually comes when you are completely engrossed in your work and overtakes you so completely that every aspect of your daily life becomes mechanical and provides only a colorless backdrop to action occurring only in your mind. It matters not whether at this time you are asleep or awake. The secret life pulses within you, and when you wake in the middle of the night you realize there is no way to stem its flow.“

„Literature is the best thing humanity has. Poetry is the heart of literature, the highest concentration of everything that is the best in the world and in man. It is the only true food for your soul“ Зеленый шатер

„There is no escaping life. It takes what is it's due.“ Daniel Stein, Translator

„Maybe it was true that only beauty would save the world, or truth, or some other high-flown garbage; but fear was still more powerful than anything else. Fear destroyed everything: everything born of beauty, the tender shoots of all that was fine, wise, eternal...“ The Big Green Tent

„He had understood long ago that the past was no better than the present. That was as plain as day. One had to try to escape, to wrestle free from every era, so as not to be devoured by it.“ The Big Green Tent

„... we live in a society of larvae--immature human beings, adolescents disguised as adults.“ The Big Green Tent

„Form is what transforms the content of a work into its essence. Do you understand? The character of music arises out of its form like steam from water,’ Yury Andreevich said. ‘With solid understanding of the general laws of form, which encompass all that is amenable to formulation, one can, by groping further, perceive the individual, the particular. Then, subtracting the general, one can sense a residue where wonder lurks in its purest, most undiluted form. Herein lies the goal of theory: the more fully one grasps what is available for comprehension, the more intensely the ineffable shines.“ The Big Green Tent

„Sonechka, meanwhile, placid soul that she was—cocooned by the thousand volumes of her reading, lulled by the hazy murmurings of the Greek myths, the hypnotically shrill recorder fluting of the Middle Ages, the misty windswept yearning of Ibsen, the minutely detailed tedium of Balzac, the astral music of Dante, the siren song of the piercing voices of Rilke and Novalis, seduced by the moralistic despair of the great Russian writers calling out to the heart of heaven itself—this placid soul had no awareness that her great moment was at hand.“

„Literature is the best thing humanity has. Poetry is the heart of literature, the highest concentration of everything that is the best in the world and in man. It is the only true food for your soul.“

„When I was young I believed people should be told everything and that, as a pastor, I had a duty to share all my knowledge. Over the years I came to see that was a mistake. A person may know only what they are capable of assimilating. I have been thinking about this for half my life, and especially since I have been in Israel, but there are few people I can confide in. Really only you. You see, it is a terrible thing to disturb someone’s equilibrium. If a person has become accustomed to thinking in a particular way, even a slight digression from that can prove painful. Not everybody is open to new ideas, to making their understanding more precise and supplementing it, to change. I have to admit that I am changing. Today my views on many matters have diverged from those generally accepted in the Catholic world, and I am not the only person in that situation. “You see, the birth of the One whom“ Daniel Stein, Interpreter

„He was a committed ladies' man and obtained a great deal of sustenance from the seemingly inexhaustible supply of women, but he guarded himself vigilantly against addiction, fearful of becoming fodder for that feminine allure which is so paradoxically generous to those who take from it and so destructively cruel to those who give.“

„Looking at Rita, I have long found social injustice preferable to the struggle against it.“ Даниэль Штайн, переводчик

„I recognize that what you believe doesn’t matter in the slightest. All that matters is how you personally behave.“ Даниэль Штайн, переводчик

„Judgment is not always required. You don't need to have an opinion on every issue.“ Даниэль Штайн, переводчик

„It is hot, the light is strong and I have an extraordinary sense of clarity, although quite what is clear I cannot express.“

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