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Маргарет Этвуд

Дата рождения: 18. Ноябрь 1939
Другие имена: Margaret Atwoodová, Margaret Eleanor Atwood

Ма́ргарет Элеано́р Э́твуд — канадская англоязычная писательница, поэтесса, литературный критик, активистка охраны природы и феминистка. Лауреат премии Артура Кларка 1987 года за роман «Рассказ служанки», премии принцессы Астурийской, премии генерал-губернатора Канады , Букеровской премии 2000 года за роман «Слепой убийца», четырежды финалистка Букеровской премии. Относится к наиболее известным современным англоязычным писателям. Кавалер ордена Канады.

„What is your favorite word?”
“And. It is so hopeful.“

„It’s a lifelong failing: she has never been prepared. But how can you have a sense of wonder if you’re prepared for everything? Prepared for the sunset. Prepared for the moonrise. Prepared for the ice storm. What a flat existence that would be.“ Stone Mattress: Nine Tales

„Everyone thinks writers must know more about the inside of the human head, but that's wrong. They know less, that's why they write. Trying to find out what everyone else takes for granted.“ Dancing Girls

„We've learned to see the world in gasps.“ The Handmaid's Tale

„Time rises and rises, and when it reaches the level of your eyes you drown.“ The Blind Assassin

„What’s with her?” says the painter.

“She’s mad because she’s a woman,” Jon says. This is something I haven’t heard for years, not since high school. Once it was a shaming thing to say, and crushing to have it said about you, by a man. It implied oddness, deformity, sexual malfunction.

I go to the living room doorway. “I’m not mad because I’m a woman,” I say. “I’m mad because you’re an asshole.“
Cat's Eye

„He stops, looks up at this window, and I can see the white oblong of his face. We look at each other. I have no rose to toss, he has no lute. But it's the same kind of hunger.“ The Handmaid's Tale

„Anyway, maybe there weren't any solutions. Human society, corpses and rubble. It never learned, it made the same cretinous mistakes over and over, trading short-term gain for long-term pain.“ Oryx and Crake

„If you want what's in the package you should at least know how to get the string off, is what I say.“ The Tent

„Nothing changes instantaneously: in a gradually heating bathtub, you'd be boiled to death before you knew it. There were stories in the newspapers, of course, corpses in ditches or the woods, bludgeoned to death or mutilated, interfered with, as they used to say, but they were about other women, and the men who did such things were other men. None of them were the men we knew. The newspaper stories were like dreams to us, bad dreams dreamt by others. How awful, we would say, and they were, but they were awful without being believable. There were too melodramatic, they had a dimension that was not the dimension of our lives. We were the people who were not in the papers. We lived in the blank white spaces at the edges of print. It gave us more freedom.“ The Handmaid's Tale

„Don't misunderstand me. I am not scoffing at goodness, which is far more difficult to explain than evil, and far more complicated. But sometimes it's hard to put up with.“ The Blind Assassin

„Never mind. Point being that you don't have to get too worked up about us, dear educated minds. You don't have to think of us as real girls, real flesh and blood, real pain, real injustice. That might be too upsetting. Just discard the sordid part. Consider us pure symbol. We're no more real than money.“ The Penelopiad

„What breaks in daybreak? Is it the night? Is it the sun, cracked in two by the horizon like an egg, spilling out light?“

„expectation isn't the same as desire“ Oryx and Crake

„Tell me where it hurts, she'd say. Stop howling. Just calm down and show me where.

But some people can't tell where it hurts. They can't calm down. They can't ever stop howling.“

„The alcohol smell is on my fingers, cold and remote, piercing like a steel pin going in. It smells like white enamel basins. When I look up at the stars in the nighttime, cold and white and sharp, I think they must smell like that.“ Cat's Eye

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