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Мария Эджуорт

Дата рождения: 1. Январь 1767
Дата смерти: 22. Май 1849

Мария Эджуорт — английская писательница, эссеист, публицист.

Цитаты Мария Эджуорт

„В любом возрасте человек открывает свое сердце только тому, кто раскрывает свое сердце в ответ.“

„Умного мужчину можно сковать только самыми легкими и незаметными оковами, про которые он думает, что он их может легко разорвать в любой момент, как только ему захочется, и подчиняется им, забавляясь, как бы в шутку.“

„Тот, кто воодушевлён надеждой, может совершить поступки, показавшиеся бы невозможными человеку, который подавлен или устрашён.“

„Прямая линия в морали, как и в математике, — это самый короткий путь.“

„If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves.“

„Remember, we can judge better by the conduct of people towards others than by their manner towards ourselves.“ The Absentee

„If young women were not deceived into a belief that affectation pleases, they would scarcely trouble themselves to practise it so much.“

„What a treasure, to meet with any thing a new heart-- all hearts, nowadays, are secondhand at best.“ Belinda

„So quickly in youth do different and opposite trains of ideas and emotions succeed to each other; and so easy it is, by a timely exercise of reason and self-command, to prevent a fancy from becoming a passion.“

„Clarence Hervey might have been more than a pleasant young man, if he had not been smitten with the desire of being thought superior in every thing, and of being the most admired person in all companies. He had been early flattered with the idea that he was a man of genius; and he imagined that, as such, he was entitled to be imprudent, wild, and eccentric. He affected singularity, in order to establish his claims to genius. He had considerable literary talents, by which he was distinguished at Oxford; but he was so dreadfully afraid of passing for a pedant, that when he came into the company of the idle and the ignorant, he pretended to disdain every species of knowledge. His chameleon character seemed to vary in different lights, and according to the different situations in which he happened to be placed. He could be all things to all men—and to all women.“ Belinda

„When a man's over head and shoulders in debt, he may live the faster for it, and the better if he goes the right way about it, or else how is it so many live so well, as we see every day after they are ruined?“ Castle Rackrent

„When people are warm, they cannot stand picking terms.“ Helen

„The prevailing taste of the public for anecdote has been censured and ridiculed by critics, who aspire to the character of superior wisdom: but if we consider it in a proper point of view, this taste is an incontestible proof of the good sense and profoundly philosophic temper of the present times. Of the numbers who study, or at least who read history, how few derive any advantage from their labors!“ Castle Rackrent

„If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves“

„It is sometimes fortunate, that the means which are taken to produce certain effects upon the mind have a tendency directly opposite to what is expected.“ Belinda

„But don't you know that girls never think of what they are talking about, or rather never talk of what they are thinking about? And they have always ten times more to say to the man they don't care for, than to him they do.“

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