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Нил Саймон

Дата рождения: 4. Июль 1927

Марвин Нил Саймон — американский драматург и сценарист.

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„Если бы никто никогда не рисковал, Микеланджело расписал бы фресками пол Сикстинской капеллы.“

„К людям с почётными званиями часто относятся с недоверием. Вы бы позволили почётному механику ремонтировать ваш новенький Мерседес?“

„Деньги могут дать немного счастья, но в какой-то момент они начинают давать просто больше денег.“

„Когда в Нью-Йорке +100, в Лос-Анджелесе — +78. Когда в Нью-Йорке + 10, в Лос-Анджелесе — +78. В Нью-Йорке два миллиона интересных людей, в Лос-Анджелесе — 78.“

„К людям с почётными званиями часто относятся с недоверием. Вы бы позволили почётному механику ремонтировать ваш новенький Мерседес?“ Интервью газете "The New York Times", 4 июня 1984 г.

„Don't listen to those who say, you are taking too big a chance. Michelangelo would have painted the Sistine floor, and it would surely be rubbed out by today. Most important, don't listen when the little voice of fear inside you rears its ugly head and says "They are all smarter than you out there. They're more talented, they're taller, blonder, prettier, luckier, and they have connections." I firmly believe that if you follow a path that interests you, not to the exclusion of love, sensitivity, and cooperation with others, but with the strength of conviction that you can move others by your own efforts, and do not make success or failure the criteria by which you live, the chances are you'll be a person worthy of your own respects.“

„I LOVE living, I have some problems with my LIFE, but living is the best thing they've come up with so far.“

„Never underestimate the stimulation of eccentricity.“

„When its 100 degrees in New York, it's 72 in Los Angeles. When its 30 degrees in New York, in Los Angeles it's still 72. However, there are 6 million interesting people in New York, and only 72 in Los Angeles.“

„If you can go through life without experiencing pain you probably haven't been born yet.“

„Never have so many given so much for so long for so little for so few for so seldom.“ Laughter on the 23rd Floor

„Sure it hurts, but if you love someone, you forgive them." Blanche
Somethings you forgive, somethings you never forgive." Kate“
Brighton Beach Memoirs

„I got brown sandwiches and green sandwiches. It's either very new cheese or very old meat. - Oscar Madison, from The Odd Couple“ The Odd Couple

„You're a witness. You're always standing around watching what's happening, scribbling in your book what other people do. You have to get in the middle of it. You have to take sides. Make a contribution to the fight. Any fight. The one you believe in. Until you do, you'll never be a writer, Eugene.“

„Writing is an escape from a world that crowds me. I like being alone in a room. It's almost a form of medication- an investigation of my own life. It has nothing to do with "I've got to get another play“

„[Y]ou're young. Young takes care of everything.“ Proposals

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