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Ориана Фаллачи

Дата рождения: 29. Июнь 1929
Дата смерти: 15. Сентябрь 2006

Ориа́на Фалла́чи — итальянская журналистка, писатель, публицист, в годы Второй мировой войны — участница итальянского Сопротивления. Стала известна во всём мире благодаря умению взять интервью у многих мировых лидеров в 1960-х, 1970-х и 1980-х годах. Автор 12 книг с многомиллионными тиражами.

„Я не понимаю тех неумных мужчин и женщин, которые стыдятся того, что стареют. Старость — это победа, знак удачи, потому что альтернатива ей — кладбище. Только старость преподносит тебе такой дар, как полная свобода.“

„You belong neither to God nor the state nor me. You belong to yourself and no one else.“ Letter to a Child Never Born

„And yet, or just for this reason, it's so fascinating to be a woman. It's an adventure that takes such courage, a challenge that's never boring. You'll have so many things to engage you if you're born a woman. To begin with, you'll have to struggle to maintain that if God exists he might even be an old woman with white hair or a beautiful girl. Then you'll have to struggle to explain that it wasn't sin that was born on the day when Eve picked an apple, what was born that day was a splendid virtue called disobedience.“ Letter to a Child Never Born

„La vita é una tale fatica, bambino. E una guerra che si ripete ogni giorno, e i suoi momenti di gioia sono parentesi brevi che si pagano un prezzo crudele.“ Letter to a Child Never Born

„To be good or bad doesn't count: life out in this world doesn't depend on that. It depends on a relation of forces based on violence. And survival is violence. You'll wear leather shoes because someone has killed a cow and skinned it to make leather.“ Letter to a Child Never Born

„Instead of learned young people we have donkeys with University degrees. Instead of future leaders we have mollusks with expensive blue jeans and phony revolutionaries with ski masks. And do you know what? Maybe this is another reason why our Moslem invaders have such an easy game.“ The Rage and the Pride

„È la vita.
A volte credi che due occhi ti guardino e invece non ti vedono neanche. A volte credi d’aver trovato qualcuno che cercavi e invece non hai trovato nessuno. Succede. E se non succede è un miracolo. Ma i miracoli non durano mai“

„I've found what I was looking for, Child: what people call love between a man and a woman is a season. And if, at its flowering, this season is a feast of greenery, at its waning, it's only a heap of rotting leaves.“ Letter to a Child Never Born

„Objectivity does not exist. The word is a hypocrisy which is sustained by the lie that the truth stays in the middle. No, sir: Sometimes truth stays on one side only.“

„Life is such an effort, Child. It's a war that is renewed each day, and its moments of joy are brief parentheses for which you pay a cruel price.“ Letter to a Child Never Born

„No matter what system you live under, there is no escaping the law that it's always the strongest, the cruellest, the least generous who win.“ Letter to a Child Never Born

„One day you and I will have to have a little talk about this business called love. I still don't understand what it's all about. My guess is that it's just a gigantic hoax, invented to keep people quiet and diverted. Everyone talks about love: the priests, the advertising posters, the literati, and the politicians, those of them who make love. And in speaking of love and offering it as a panacea for every tragedy, they would and betray and kill both body and soul.“ Letter to a Child Never Born

„Love isn’t putting chain on someone who wants to struggle and is ready to die for it, love is letting him die in the way he’s chosen.“ A Man

„Don’t let yourself be regimented by dogma, by uniforms, by doctrines, don’t let yourselves be fooled by those who command you, by those who promise, who frighten, by those who want to replace one master with another, don’t be flock of sheep, for heaven’s sake, don’t hide under the umbrella of other people’s guilt, think with your own brains, remember that each of you is somebody, a valuable individual, a responsible, his own maker, defend your being, the kernel of all freedom, freedom is a duty, a duty even more than right“ A Man

„In the legends that males have invented to explain life, the first human creature is a man named Adam. Eve arrives later, to give him pleasure and cause trouble. In the paintings that adorn churches, God is an old man with a beard, never an old woman with white hair. And all the heroes are males: from Prometheus who discovered fire to Icarus who tried to fly, on down to Jesus whom they call the Son of God and of the Holy Spirit, almost as though the woman giving birth to him were an incubator or a wetnurse.“ Letter to a Child Never Born

„I know ours is a world made by men for men, their dictatorship is so ancient it even extends to language.“ Letter to a Child Never Born

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