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Robert Goddard

Дата рождения: 5. Октябрь 1882
Дата смерти: 10. Август 1945

Ро́берт Ха́тчингс Го́ддард — американский учёный, один из пионеров современной ракетной техники.

„Трудно сказать, что есть невозможное, поскольку вчерашняя мечта становится надеждой для сегодняшнего и реальностью для завтрашнего.“ Трудно сказать, что на самом деле невозможно, поскольку мечта вчерашнего дня становится надеждой сегодняшнего и реальностью завтрашних дней.

„Photographs don’t discriminate between the living and the dead. In the fragments of time and shards of light that compose them, everyone is equal. Now you see us; now you don’t. It doesn’t matter whether you look through a camera lens and press the shutter. It doesn’t even matter whether you open your eyes or close them. The pictures are always there. And so are the people in them.“

„But perhaps revelation often comes when you’re not looking for it, resolution when you don’t realize you need it.“ Past Caring

„What are you - Secret Service?'
'If I were, I wouldn't admit it.'
'And you're not admitting it, I notice.“
The Ways of the World

„She only modelled for him once,' Max said stubbornly, leaning the canvases back against the wall and replacing the sheet.
'Once, twice or umpteen times, it's proof she knew Spataro... how shall we put it?... on terms a man who loved her might resent.'
'There are lots of artists in Montparnasse, Appelby, and lots of artists' models.'
'I wouldn't like it. And I bet Sir Henry didn't like it either.'
'There was nothing between Corinne and Spataro.'
'That's the problem, isn't it?' Appelby pointed with the stem of his pipe at the shrouded paintings. 'There may have been *literally* nothing between them.“
The Ways of the World

„how he had done so she never“ The Ways of the World: A James Maxted Thriller

„We have been systematically promoting the worst aspects of American culture and undermining authority of all kinds—making billions along the way, mind you. And I’ve poured much of that into campaign coffers so politicians would be obligated to appoint the crazy judges that ruined the judicial system and vote for the bills my people proposed.       "Still puzzled? Think about it. A nation is held together by its institutions. Destroy them and you destroy the nation.“ Upper House Conspiracy

„had been calm and relaxed. Then something changed. A man she had never seen before or since came at night. He was thin and softly spoken and smoked an expensive cigar. He had asked how“ Hand In Glove

„not say and Max had known better than to ask.“ The Ways of the World: A James Maxted Thriller

„Photographs were more than my livelihood. They were part of my life. The way light fell on a surface never failed to tug at my imagination. The way one picture, a single snapshot, could capture the essence of a time and place, a city, a war, a human being, was embedded in my consciousness. One day, one second, I might close the shutter on the perfect photograph.“ Caught In The Light

„simulacrum, but a policewoman in disguise.“ Into the Blue

„We’ve driven wedges between parents and children, between liberals and conservatives, between whites and ethnic groups, and between the religious and non religious. We’ve all but destroyed feelings of patriotism and blocked all attempts to stop illegal immigration, improve border control, and establish a national language. And with our nationwide campaign of law suits, we’ve stretched your Constitution almost beyond recognition."       Rulon paused to study O’Brien’s face. "Don’t see it yet? The tremendous influx of Hispanics will ultimately result in large portions of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Florida being dominated by people speaking English only as a second language or not at all. Add the immigration—legal and illegal—of Muslims from Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe, with all their cultural baggage, and you’ve got real diversity.“ Upper House Conspiracy

„If Pandora hadn't opened the box, somebody else would have."

"There was never any hope it could remain sealed for ever?"

"Not really." [... ] "You see, Hope was one of the Spites imprisoned in the box."

My companion frowned. "Why did Hope have to be shut away?"

"Because it always lied. And, true to form, after its release, it deceived mankind into believing the other Spites could be overcome. They couldn't, of course, but thinking they could at least made them seem bearable.“
Closed Circle

„History is the geology of human experience, a study, as it were, of tragedy and comedy laid down in the strata of past lives. In death there are no winners or losers, merely people who once lived but can never live again. What they thought, what they believed, what they hoped, is largely lost. That which remains is history.“ Sea Change

„Lack of respect for the incompetent central government, along with language, religious, and cultural differences, will loom more and more significantly as time goes on. Eventually, a few of those states will break away from the U. S., and federal government will be powerless to stop it.       "The rest of the country, thanks to our efforts, will be so divided, with so many problems, that it will say ‘Good riddance,’ and the federal government won’t dare use force to stop it, because France, Germany, Russia, and China won’t let it. My organization is working on that now, by the way. Once a couple of those states make a successful break other sections of the country will follow. Just as the old Soviet Union fell apart in a matter of days, so will the U. S.—and most of the“ Upper House Conspiracy

„In a world that thought itself so wise yet behaved so stupidly, it was possible sometimes to believe that only the mad saw matters as they truly were, that only people like my brother were prepared to admit what they saw from the corner of their eye.“ Closed Circle

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