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Серджо Леоне

Дата рождения: 3. Январь 1929
Дата смерти: 30. Апрель 1989

Се́рджо Лео́не — итальянский кинорежиссёр, сценарист, продюсер. Известен как один из основателей жанра спагетти-вестерн.

„Когда жизнь ничего не значит, иногда смерть становится расплатой“

„When I was young, I believed in three things: Marxism, the redemptive power of cinema, and dynamite. Now I just believe in dynamite.“ Conversations Avec Sergio Leone

„[Tuco is in a bubble bath. The One Armed Man enters the room. ]
One Armed Man: I've been looking for you for 8 months. Whenever I should have had a gun in my right hand, I thought of you. Now I find you in exactly the position that suits me. I had lots of time to learn to shoot with my left.
[Tuco kills him with the gun he has hidden in the foam. ]
Tuco: When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk.“

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