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Жан-Мари Ле Пен

Дата рождения: 20. Июнь 1928


Жан-Мари́ Ле Пен — французский политик, депутат Европарламента. Придерживается националистических взглядов.

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„We must tell the Algerians that it is not the case that they need France, but that France needs them.“

— Jean-Marie Le Pen
Context: We must tell the Algerians that it is not the case that they need France, but that France needs them. They are not a burden, and if they are for now, they will on the contrary be a dynamic part as well as the young blood of the French nation into which we will have integrated them. I claim that in the Muslim religion there is nothing, in the moral point of view, that would be incompatible with making a believing or practicing Muslim a full French citizen. Very much on the contrary, its basic principles are the same as for Christianity, which is the basis of Western civilization. On the other hand, I do not believe that there exists an Algerian race, any more than there exists a French race … I conclude: let us offer to Algerian Muslims entrance and integration in a dynamic France. Instead of telling them as we do now: "you are very expensive, you are a burden", let us tell them: "we need you, you are the youth of the nation." As quoted in Journal officiel de la République française (28 January 1958); said when Algeria was still a part of Metropolitan France before it attained independence.


„Everyone sees drama from his own perspective.“

— Jean-Marie Le Pen
Context: Everyone sees drama from his own perspective. My father was killed by a German mine, while I lost other relatives in Allied bombing attacks. The Second World War claimed tens of millions of victims. For some the most terrible aspect of it was the deportations, while for others it was the leveling bombings or the mass deaths by starvation and cold. As quoted in The Journal of Historical Review, Vol. 21 (2002) by the Institute for Historical Review, p. 2

„I am not saying that gas chambers did not exist. I did not see them myself. I haven't studied the questions specially. But I believe it is a minor point in the history of the Second World War.“

— Jean-Marie Le Pen
Controversial statement on the Holocaust (13 September 1987), in which he referred to the Nazi gas chambers as a "minor point" [point de detail] in the history of the Second World War, as quoted in Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science (1993) http://books.google.com/books?id=b8IvAAAAYAAJ&q=%22But+I+believe+that+it+is+a+minor+point

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