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Жорж Сименон

Дата рождения: 13. Февраль 1903
Дата смерти: 4. Сентябрь 1989

Жорж Жозеф Кристиан Сименон — бельгийский писатель, один из самых знаменитых в мире представителей детективного жанра в литературе. На его счету 425 книг, среди которых около 200 бульварных романов под 16 псевдонимами, 220 романов под настоящим именем и трёхтомная автобиография. Наиболее известен серией детективов о полицейском комиссаре Мегрэ.

„Каждый считает себя исключительным и не желает равняться с обыкновенными смертными.“

„Жизнь интеллектуалов протекает в узком кругу. И читают они друг друга. И пишут друг для друга.“

„Существует только одна мораль — та, с помощью которой сильные порабощают слабых.“

„Начинаешь курить, чтобы доказать, что ты мужчина. Потом пытаешься бросить курить, чтобы доказать, что ты мужчина.“

„Я читаю уголовный кодекс и Библию. Библия — жестокая книга. Может быть, самая жестокая, которая когда-либо была написана.“

„Понимать людей, а не судить. В жизни нет преступников — есть только жертвы.“

„Задавая домашнее задание, учителя метят в учеников, а попадают в родителей.“

„Writing is not a profession but a vocation of unhappiness. I don't think an artist can ever be happy.“

„We are all potentially characters in a novel--with the difference that characters in a novel really get to live their lives to the full.“

„It just happened. As though a moment comes when it's both necessary and natural to make a decision that has long since been made.“

„The place smelled of fairgrounds, of lazy crowds, of nights when you stayed out because you couldn't go to bed, and it smelled like New York, of its calm and brutal indifference.“ Three Bedrooms in Manhattan

„I would like to carve my novel in a piece of wood. My characters—I would like to have them heavier, more three-dimensional... My characters have a profession, have characteristics; you know their age, their family situation, and everything. But I try to make each one of those characters heavy, like a statue, and to be the brother of everybody in the world.“

„The poor are used to stifling any expression of their despair, because they must get on with life, with work, with the demands made of them day after day, hour after hour.“ Maigret and the Hundred Gibbets

„When he went out it was freezing, and a pale winter sun was rising over Paris.

No thought of escape had as yet crossed Monsieur Monde's mind.

'Morning, Joseph.'

'Morning, monsieur.'

As a matter of fact, it started like an attack of flu. In the car he felt a shiver. He was very susceptible to head colds. Some winters they would hang on for weeks, and his pockets would be stuffed with wet handkerchiefs, which mortified him. Moreover, that morning he ached all over, perhaps from having slept in an awkward position, or was it a touch of indigestion due to last night's supper?

'I'm getting flu,' he thought.

Then, just as they were crossing the Grands Boulevards, instead of automatically checking the time on the electric clock as he usually did, he raised his eyes and noticed the pink chimney pots outlined against a pale blue sky where a tiny white cloud was floating.

It reminded him of the sea. The harmony of blue and pink suddenly brought a breath of Mediterranean air to his mind, and he envied people who, at that time of year, lived in the South and wore white flannels.“
Monsieur Monde Vanishes

„And Boucard desisted, probably because like everyone else he was deeply impressed by this man who had laid all ghosts, who had lost all shadows, and who stared you in the eyes with cold serenity.“ Monsieur Monde Vanishes

„Si parte da un dettaglio qualsiasi, talvolta di poco conto, e senza volerlo si giunge a scoprire grandi princìpi.“ The Man Who Watched Trains Go By

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