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Артур Рубинштейн

Дата рождения: 28. Январь 1887
Дата смерти: 20. Декабрь 1982


Арту́р Рубинште́йн — польский и американский пианист и музыкально-общественный деятель еврейского происхождения.

Цитаты Артур Рубинштейн


„We don't know happiness without unhappiness, gaiety without sadness, and happiness can only be felt if you don't set any conditions.“

— Arthur Rubinstein
Statement made to a correspondent in Paris in 1976 — reported in John Callcott, United Press International (December 21, 1982) "Arthur Rubinstein, At Age 95; Concert Pianist and Bon Vivant, Boston Globe.


„God bless him. He will be remembered forever.“

— Arthur Rubinstein
Alexander Schneider — reported in Lon Tuck (August 29, 1983) "Emperor at the Keyboard", The Washington Post, p. C1.

„My father, good or bad, mistakes or no, had a direct line from his heart to the music to the people, to the audience. He played with logic and his own inner truth.“

— Arthur Rubinstein
John Rubinstein — reported in Kevin Kelly (February 22, 1981) "Rubinstein a Chip Off Rubinstein: John Says His Father's Music Shaped His Approach to Acting", Boston Globe.

„... in his fingers he has more skill than any of the rest of us.“

— Arthur Rubinstein
Rubinstein remarking on a performance by Maurizio Pollini — reported in Joanne Sheehy Hoover (March 13, 1981) "Captain Of the Keyboard", The Washington Post, p. C1.


„I'm a free person; I feel terribly free. They could put me in chains and I still would be free because my thoughts would be mine - and that's all I want to have.“

— Arthur Rubinstein
Quoted from a 1977 interview by Robert MacNeil in the documentary Rubinstein at 90 — reported in Alan M. Kriegsmen (January 26, 1977) "The Magic of Rubinstein ...", The Washington Post, p. B7.

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