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Брюс Стерлинг

Дата рождения: 14. Апрель 1954

Брюс Стерлинг — американский писатель-фантаст, журналист и литературовед. Один из популярных авторов, пишущих в стиле киберпанк. Известность получил благодаря газетным репортажам о хакерах. Автор цикла крупных и малых произведений о затяжном конфликте двух группировок, известных в будущем как «шейперы» и «механисты» . Ввёл термин киборг. Соавтор У. Гибсона. Соавтор Р. Рюкера. Литературная деятельность У. Гибсона и Б. Стерлинга обеспечила киберпанку и стимпанку особое положение в сфере НФ-литературы.

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„Мы отравили океан, мы сожгли и распахали дикие леса, мы умудрились испортить даже погоду! И всё это ради современного образа жизни, не так ли? Восемь миллиардов психически больных уродов, выращенных на средствах массовой информации.“

„Forget trying to pass for normal. Follow your geekdom. Embrace nerditude. In the immortal words of Lafcadio Hearn, a geek of incredible obscurity whose work is still in print after a hundred years, “Woo the muse of the odd.” You may be a geek. You may have geek written all over you. You should aim to be one geek they'll never forget. Don't aim to be civilized. Don’t hope that straight people will keep you on as some sort of pet. To hell with them. You should fully realize what society has made of you and take a terrible revenge. Get weird. Get way weird. Get dangerously weird. Get sophisticatedly, thoroughly weird, and don't do it halfway. Put every ounce of horsepower you have behind it. Don't become a well-rounded person. Well-rounded people are smooth and dull. Become a thoroughly spiky person. Grow spikes from every angle. Stick in their throats like a pufferfish.“

„You know what's truly weird about any financial crisis? We made it up. Currency, money, finance, they're all social inventions. When the sun comes up in the morning it's shining on the same physical landscape, all the atoms are in place.“

„America hadn't really been suited for its long and tiresome role as the Last Superpower, the World's Policeman. As a patriotic American, Oscar was quite content to watch other people's military coming home in boxes for a while. The American national character wasn't suited for global police duties. It never had been. Tidy and meticulous people such as the Swiss and the Swedes were the types who made good cops. America was far better suited to be the World's Movie Star. The world's tequila-addled pro-league bowler. The world's acerbic, bipolar stand-up comedian. Anything but a somber and tedious nation of socially responsible centurions.“ Distraction

„The future is unwritten. there are best case scenarios. There are worst-case scenarios. both of them are great fun to write about if you' re a science fiction novelist, but neither of them ever happens in the real world. What happens in the real world is always a sideways-case scenario. World-changing marvels to us, are only wallpaper to our children.“

„(He) mourned mankind, and the blindness of men, who thought that the Kosmos had rules and limits that would shelter them from their own freedom. There were no shelters. There were no final purposes. Futility, and freedom, were Absolute“ Schismatrix

„If poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world, science fiction writers are its court jesters. We are Wise Fools who can leap, caper, utter prophecies, and scratch ourselves in public. We can play with Big Ideas because the garish motley of our pulp origins make us seem harmless.“ Burning Chrome

„In a world so redolent with wonder, how can we allow ourselves to conduct our daily lives with so little insight, such absence of dignity?“

„A dagger is the noble weapon of Brutus. Everyone understands that tyrants fall to daggers. A bomb is a sordid modern device with many complex working parts. Only engineers understand bombs“ The Parthenopean Scalpel

„Science fiction is not about the freedom of imagination. It's about a free imagination pinched and howling in a vise that other people call real life.“ Shaping Things

„We're so intelligent now that we're too smart to survive. We're so well informed that we lost all sense of meaning. We know the price of everything, but we've lost all sense of value. We have everyone under surveillance, but we've lost all sense of shame.“ Distraction

„«I love both her and them. I have come to understand that she is what they are. A woman accepts a man, expecting that he will change. A man takes a woman, expecting that she will never change. They are both disappointed. Yet within this very disappointment is the primal source of all new men and all new women»“ Different Kinds of Magic

„But the economy's out of control. Money just doesn't need human beings anymore. Most of us only get in the way.“ Distraction

„You give a guy a license to
steal, you've got to expect him to use it.“

„BRUCE STERLING, Nature, November 11, 1999:

Since I've been asked to offer an epitaph," the highly distributed poetware continued, "I believe that we should rearrange the Great Wall of China to spell out (in Chinese of course, since most of them were always Chinese) -- 'THEY WERE VERY, VERY CURIOUS, BUT NOT AT ALL FAR-SIGHTED.“

„«Once, I went to this little meeting of Microsoft kids. Like, this high-school trip thing, but it was very exclusive. We met the world’s greatest Futurist there. Dr Gustav Y. Svante. Nobody knows who he is. That’s why he’s the world’s greatest Futurist. He told us... He said that the future was already here, but nobody listens to the future. The future is all around us, but we don’t see the future yet. We don’t hear it or see it, so we can’t tell it.”»“ Love is Strange

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