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Дэвид Ли Рот

Дата рождения: 10. Октябрь 1954


Дэвид Ли Рот — американский рок-вокалист, автор песен, актёр. Наиболее известен как изначальный и действующий вокалист хард-рок-группы «Van Halen». В 2007 году был включён в Зал славы рок-н-ролла. Он также известен как успешный соло исполнитель. Почти через двадцать лет после ухода, Рот вновь присоединился к группе в 2006 году в концертном туре по Северной Америке, который стал наиболее успешным и кассовым в истории группы.

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„I'm not conceited. Conceit is a fault, and I have no faults.“

— David Lee Roth
Susie Shellenberger (2005) The One Year Devos for Teens 2, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., , p. 357.

„I believe more and more that this business is about people. People, people. The idea is to make friends at the retail level, the warehouse level, let people see you exist, can form sentences and have an interest in something other than yourself.“

— David Lee Roth
Jim White (February 17, 1994) "POP / Hi, I'm Dave - lovely to see you: Last week, David Lee Roth went to Wembley to promote his new album - not at the stadium but at the distribution factory, saying hello to the packers and the pressers, 'making friends at the retail level'. Jim White jumped into the limo to discover where people fit in with 'this rock'n'roll thing'" The Independent, p. 27.

„Somebody asked me the question not too long ago: 'Dave, do you think the music business has turned corrupt'. I said: 'Absolutely not - it has always been corrupt.“

— David Lee Roth
Brett Thomas (October 16, 1988) "Roth 'N' Roll: Flashy - But David's A Shrewd Businessman", The Sun-Herald, Section: News and Features, p. 25.


„I change as the times change. I'm a reflection of what's around me without trying at all.“

— David Lee Roth
Michael Saunders (March 18, 1994) "The reemergence of David Lee Roth", The Boston Globe, Section: Arts & Film, p. 75.


„It's not about money right now. My ambition is to further create a signature sound, a signature spirit, that makes some kind of contribution to music in general.“

— David Lee Roth
David Barton (July 3, 1994) "Jumping at the Chance - With His Newest Album, David Lee Roth Rocks, Rolls and Moves On", Sacramento Bee, p. EN3.

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