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Джеймс Фенимор Купер

Дата рождения: 15. Сентябрь 1789
Дата смерти: 14. Сентябрь 1851

Джеймс Фе́нимор Ку́пер — американский романист и сатирик. Классик приключенческой литературы.

„Безделье — не отдых.“

„Книги, подобно оружию, обладают силой, чтобы спасти или разрушить.“

„Громкие слова не всегда влекут за собой громкие дела.“

„Опыт — лучший учитель. Его уроки мы хорошо запоминаем.“

„History, like love, is so apt to surround her heroes with an atmosphere of imaginary brightness.“ The Last of the Mohicans

„Then as to churches, they are good, I suppose, else wouldn't good men uphold' em. But they are not altogether necessary. They call 'em the temples of the Lord; but, Judith, the whole 'arth is a temple of the Lord to such as have the right mind. Neither forts nor churches make people happier of themselves. Moreover, all is contradiction in the settlements, while all is concord in the woods. Forts and churches almost always go together, and yet they're downright contradictions; churches being for peace, and forts for war. No, no--give me the strong places of the wilderness, which is the trees, and the churches, too, which are arbors raised by the hand of nature.“

„tis hard to live in a world where all look upon you as below them.“ The Deerslayer

„All greatness of character is dependent on individuality. The man who has no other existence than that which he partakes in common with all around him, will never have any other than an existence of mediocrity.“

„Every trail has its end, and every calamity brings its lesson!“ The Last of the Mohicans

„An interesting fiction... however paradoxical the assertion may appear... addresses our love of truth- not the mere love of facts expressed by true names and dates, but the love of that higher truth, the truth of nature and principals, which is a primitive law of the human mind.“

„Chingachgook grasped the hand that, in the warmth of feeling, the scout had stretched across the fresh earth, and in that attitude of friendship these intrepid woodsmen bowed their heads together, while scalding tears fell to their feet, watering the grave of Uncas like drops of falling rain.“ The Last of the Mohicans

„Your young white, who gathers his learning from books and can measure what he knows by the page, may conceit that his knowledge, like his legs, outruns that of his fathers’, but, where experience is the master, the scholar is made to know the value of years, and respects them accordingly.“ The Last of the Mohicans

„I've heard it said that there are men who read in books to convince themselves there is a God. I know not but man may so deform his works in the settlements, as to leave that which is so clear in the wilderness a matter of doubt among traders and priests.“ The Last of the Mohicans

„God planted the seeds of all the trees," continued Hetty, after a moment's pause, "and you see to what a height and shade they have grown! So it is with the Bible. You may read a verse this year, and forget it, and it will come back to you a year hence, when you least expect to remember it.“ The Deerslayer

„My day has been too long. In the morning I saw the sons of the Unamis happy and strong; and yet, before the sun has come, have I lived to see the last warrior of the wise race of the Mohicans.“ The Last of the Mohicans

„We live in a world of transgressions and selfishness, and no pictures that represent us otherwise can be true; though happily for human nature, gleamings of that pure spirit in whose likeness man has been fashioned, are to be seen, relieving its deformities, and mitigating, if not excusing its crimes.“ The Deer Slayer V1: Or the First Warpath

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