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Гордон Олпорт

Дата рождения: 11. Ноябрь 1897
Дата смерти: 9. Октябрь 1967

Го́рдон Уи́ллард О́лпорт — американский психолог, разработчик теории черт личности.

„Я убежден, что состояние пустоты («экзистенциального вакуума») — беда, главным образом, интеллектуального и образованного человека. С моей точки зрения, сам экзистенциализм — во многом философия, написанная «яйце-головыми» и для «яйцеголовых».“

„Центральная тема экзистенциализма: жить – значит страдать; чтобы выжить, нужно найти какой-то смысл в страдании. ...the central theme of existentialism: to live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in the suffering.“ Гордон У. Олпорт, предисловие к изданию книги Виктора Франкла "Человек в поисках смысла" 1984 года (Gordon W. Allport, "Preface to the 1984 Edition of Man’s Search for Meaning"). В сети и литературе высказывание приписывается Фридриху Ницше, Виктору Франклу, Роберте Флэк, рэпперу DMX (последний просто цитирует ее в таком виде: "To live is to suffer, but to survive, well, that's to find meaning in the suffering.")

„So many tangles in life are ultimately hopeless that we have no appropriate sword other than laughter.“

„Love received and love given comprise the best form of therapy.“

„Given a thimbleful of [dramatic] facts we rush to make generalizations as large as a tub.“

„People it seems, are busy leading their lives into the future, whereas psychology, for the most part, is busy tracing them into the past.“ Becoming: Basic Considerations for a Psychology of Personality

„To understand what a person is, it is necessary always to refer to what he may be in the future, for every state of the person is pointed in the direction of future possibilities.“ Becoming: Basic Considerations for a Psychology of Personality

„Indeed the measure of our intellectual maturity, one philosopher suggests, is our capacity to feel less and less satisfied with our answers to better and better problems.“ Becoming: Basic Considerations for a Psychology of Personality

„Philosophically speaking, values are the termini of our intentions. We never fully achieve them.“ Becoming: Basic Considerations for a Psychology of Personality

„The answer to growing complexity in the social sphere is renewed efforts at participation by each one of us, or else a progressive decline of inert and unquestioning masses submitting to government by an elite which will have little regard for the ultimate interest of the common man.“

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