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Григорий Нисский

Дата рождения: 335
Дата смерти: 395
Другие имена:San Gregorio di Nissa


Григо́рий Ни́сский — христианский богослов и философ, епископ города Ниссы , святой, Отец и Учитель Церкви. Один из трёх великих «каппадокийцев» — младший брат Василия Великого, близкий друг Григория Богослова, входил с ними в каппадокийский кружок.

Григорий Нисский почитается Православной церковью в лике святителей и Римской католической церковью .

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„For the majority, I take it, who live all their lives with such obtuse faculties of thinking, it is a difficult thing to perform this feat of mental analysis and of discriminating the material vehicle from the immanent beauty, … Owing to this men give up all search after the true Beauty. Some slide into mere sensuality. Others incline in their desires to dead metallic coin. Others limit their imagination of the beautiful to worldly honours, fame, and power. There is another class which is enthusiastic about art and science. The most debased make their gluttony the test of what is good. But he who turns from all grosser thoughts and all passionate longings after what is seeming, and explores the nature of the beauty which is simple, immaterial, formless, would never make a mistake like that when he has to choose between all the objects of desire; he would never be so misled by these attractions as not to see the transient character of their pleasures and not to win his way to an utter contempt for every one of them. This, then, is the path to lead us to the discovery of the Beautiful. All other objects that attract men's love, be they never so fashionable, be they prized never so much and embraced never so eagerly, must be left below us, as too low, too fleeting, to employ the powers of loving which we possess; not indeed that those powers are to be locked up within us unused and motionless; but only that they must first be cleansed from all lower longings; then we must lift them to that height to which sense can never reach.“

— Gregory of Nyssa

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