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Кэтлин Норрис

Дата рождения: 16. Июль 1880
Дата смерти: 18. Январь 1966

Кэтлин Норрис — американская писательница.

Цитаты Кэтлин Норрис

„There are men I could spend eternity with. but not this life. Есть мужчины, с которыми я бы могла провести вечность. Но не жизнь!“

„Life is easier than you'd think; all that is necessary is to accept the impossible, do without the indispensable, and bear the intolerable. Жизнь легче, чем кажется: нужно всего лишь принять невозможное, обходиться без необходимого, и выносить невыносимое.“

„Prayer is not asking for what you think you want, but asking to be changed in ways you can't imagine.“

„If grace is so wonderful, why do we have such difficulty recognizing and accepting it? Maybe it's because grace is not gentle or made-to-order. It often comes disguised as loss, or failure, or unwelcome change.“

„When I was a child, it was a matter of pride that I could plow through a Nancy Drew story in one afternoon, and begin another in the evening.... I was probably trying to impress the librarians who kept me supplied with books.“

„Just the knowledge that a good book is waiting one at the end of a long day makes that day happier.“

„I wonder if children don't begin to reject both poetry and religion for similar reasons, because the way both are taught takes the life out of them.“ The Cloister Walk

„True hospitality is marked by an open response to the dignity of each and every person. Henri Nouwen has described it as receiving the stranger on his own terms, and asserts that it can be offered only by those who 'have found the center of their lives in their own hearts'.“ Dakota: A Spiritual Geography

„A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.“

„For grace to be grace, it must give us things we didn't know we needed and take us places where we didn't know we didn't want to go. As we stumble through the crazily altered landscape of our lives, we find that God is enjoying our attention as never before.“ Acedia & Me: A Marriage, Monks, and a Writer's Life

„Laundry, liturgy and women's work all serve to ground us in the world, and they need not grind us down. Our daily tasks, whether we perceive them as drudgery or essential, life-supporting work, do not define who we are as women or as human beings.“ The Quotidian Mysteries: Laundry, Liturgy and Women's Work

„In spite of the cost of living, it's still popular.“ Dakota: A Spiritual Geography

„The Christian religion asks us to put our trust not in ideas, and certainly not in ideologies, but in a God Who was vulnerable enough to become human and die, and Who desires to be present to us in our ordinary circumstances.“

„The very nature of marriage means saying yes before you know what it will cost. Though you may say the “I do” of the wedding ritual in all sincerity, it is the testing of that vow over time that makes you married.“ Acedia & Me: A Marriage, Monks, and a Writer's Life

„The Bible is full of evidence that God's attention is indeed fixed on the little things. But this is not because God is a great cosmic cop, eager to catch us in minor transgressions, but simply because God loves us--loves us so much that we the divine presence is revealed even in the meaningless workings of daily life. It is in the ordinary, the here-and-now, that God asks us to recognize that the creation is indeed refreshed like dew-laden grass that is "renewed in the morning" or to put it in more personal and also theological terms, "our inner nature is being renewed everyday". Seen in this light, what strikes many modern readers as the ludicrous details in Leviticus involving God in the minuitae of daily life might be revisioned as the very love of God.“ The Quotidian Mysteries: Laundry, Liturgy and Women's Work

„I was taught that I had to 'master' subjects. But who can 'master' beauty, or peace, or joy?“ The Psalms with Commentary

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