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Оливер Кромвель

Дата рождения: 25. Апрель 1599
Дата смерти: 3. Сентябрь 1658

О́ливер Кро́мвель — английский государственный деятель и полководец, вождь индепендентов, руководитель Английской революции, в 1643—1650 годах — генерал-лейтенант парламентской армии, в 1650—1653 годах — лорд-генерал, в 1653—1658 годах — лорд-протектор Англии, Шотландии и Ирландии.

Цитаты Оливер Кромвель

„По-настоящему высоко может зайти лишь тот, кто не знает, куда он идёт.“

„Заклинаю вас всеми страстями христовыми — задумайтесь на минуту о том, что можете ошибаться.“

„Надейся на бога, но порох держи сухим. Put your trust in God, but keep your powder dry.“

„Тот, кто перестаёт стремиться быть лучше, перестает быть хорошим.“

„Вы сидите здесь слишком долго <...>. Во имя Господа, убирайтесь!“ Это высказывание Кромвеля относят к 20 апр. 1653 г, когда он разгонял «Долгий парламент».

„Голосуйте, как вам угодно. Но есть группа бедняков, которые прольют последнюю каплю своей крови, прежде чем согласятся на такое решение.“

„Do not trust to the cheering, for those very persons would shout as much if you and I were going to be hanged.“

„God made them as stubble to our swords.“

„Consider That Ye May Be Wrong.“ Cromwell's Letters and Speeches: Volume Two

„Subtlety may deceive you; intedrity never will.“

„He who stops being better stops being good.“

„I do not believe that this is an evil king. But he is confused. And he cannot say no to his wife. Therefore if it please God I shall raise an army of men who are not confused. Stern men who say no to the tyranny of kings and wives. Men who make no confusion over the ordained place of man and woman, king and subject. And with these stern, God-fearing men, I shall ride. And we shall be called Ironsides because we are like iron, being hard both day and night. And the king shall find us unyielding, like a rod of iron, and shall give us satisfaction. Like our wives!“ Speeches of Oliver Cromwell

„Sir, what can be said of these things? Is it the arm of the flesh that hath done these things? Is it the wisdom and counsel, or strength of man? It is the Lord only. God will curse that man and his house that dares to think otherwise. Sir, you see the work is done by a Divine leading. God gets into the hearts of men, and persuades them to come under you.“ Cromwell's Letters and Speeches: Volume Two

„A man never goes so far as when he does not know whither he is going.“

„Our manly ways and stern simplicity wreak much confusion to the enemy's councils. For they are men yet garb themselves as women, wearing wigs and finery and lace. And for this offense if it be God's will we will come upon them in the night, from the rear, and penetrate their degenerate bodies with our holy truth. For we are manly saints and possess the full swelling hardness of our faith, which gushes forevermore from Christ's unyielding root.“ Oliver Cromwell's Letters and Speeches

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