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Вильгельм Франц Канарис

Дата рождения: 1. Январь 1887
Дата смерти: 9. Апрель 1945


Ви́льгельм Франц Кана́рис — немецкий военный деятель, начальник абвера в 1935—1944 года. Адмирал с 1940 года.

Цитаты Вильгельм Франц Канарис


„One day the world will hold the Wehrmacht responsible for these methods since these things are taking place under its nose.“

— Wilhelm Canaris
Alternate version: A day will come when the world will find the Wehrmacht responsible for these methods, inasmuch as the things happen with our tacit consent. September 1939. Quoted in "Bodyguard of Lies: The Extraordinary True Story Behind D-Day‎" - Page 178 - by Anthony Cave Brown - 2007

„You can talk to the man. He is reasonable, and sees your point of view, if you point it out properly.“

— Wilhelm Canaris
About speaking to Hitler. Quoted in "Hitler's Spies: German Military Intelligence in World War II" - Page 234 - by David Kahn - True Crime - 2000

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