„Q: How have things changed for you since your film was accepted into the festival ?“

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Дэвид Патерсон фото
Дэвид Патерсон4
американский сценарист, продюсер, актёр 1966

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„Q: How did you get started in filmmaking?“

—  Дэвид Патерсон американский сценарист, продюсер, актёр 1966

Джонатан Свифт фото
Кэтрин Патерсон фото
Мэттью Беллами фото

„Interviewer: What would you do if you are the only man left on earth after the End of The World?“

—  Мэттью Беллами английский вокалист, гитарист, клавишник и композитор 1978

Курт Кобейн фото

„Смысл моего существования — в том, чтобы развлекать вас;
Вот почему я здесь, рядом с вами! -
Чтобы забрать вас с собой в…
Ваше право на…
My whole existence is for your amusement
And that is why I’m here with you!
Ow…to take you with me…
Your right

—  Курт Кобейн автор песен, музыкант и художник, более известный как вокалист и гитарист северо-американской альтернативной рок-группы… 1967 - 1994

«Paper Cuts»
Из песен

Роберт Силверберг фото

„I announce to you great joy. We have a pope.“

—  Роберт Силверберг 1935

Из художественных произведений

Андрей Гарольдович Кнышев фото
Жиль Вильнёв фото

„Интервьюер: Gilles Villeneuve, ninety hours after Imola you’ve got over the anger, but the fever is still there right?
Жиль: Yes, the fever is still there, as I said at the end of the race, he robbed me of a win and I still think that way.
Интервьюер: So you haven’t changed your mind?
Жиль: No I haven’t...changed my mind. That’s how it should be. If you look back at the lap times for the race you’ll see I’m right.
Интервьюер: Gilles, wasn’t there some sort of agreement, beforehand?
Жиль: There was an agreement. I’ve been with Ferrari now for three years; the order has always been not to get involved with a battle. For instance, if the car’s in the lead and there’s no one close behind, it’s better to go slower and not run the risk of breaking down. In other words, to be sure of finishing.
Интервьюер: People are saying that Gilles Villeneuve has never had this sort of problem with other drivers but this time, he wanted to be respected. At least, that’s what some people are saying.
Жиль: Er…I don’t understand.
Интервьюер: People are saying, Villeneuve has always fought hard and has always raced for the sake of racing. This time though, he wanted to be respected as the almost certain winner.
Жиль: Er…I still don’t quite understand. When I was behind Jody, in South Africa, I overtook him only when he went into the pits. When I was in Monza, which was the last possibility for me, my last chance of becoming world champion, I stayed behind Jody without even trying to overtake him. When I was er…erm…in Monte Carlo, when I was in Monte Carlo, my gearbox failed but, before that happened, Jody was driving slowly because he had the advantage but I never tried to overtake him. Here, instead it was different. When the slow down sign is out, I slow down, making the other drivers slow down too. And then, Didier overtook me, and if you look at the lap times for Imola, every time that I’m in front I lap at 37.5 to 37.8 to save petrol and the engine also because I have a 45 second lead over Alboreto. When Pironi is leading, we lap at 35.5.“

—  Жиль Вильнёв канадский автогонщик 1950 - 1982

Филип Хосе Фармер фото

„When it passed over him, <…> against the dark blue sky the red things looked many-angled in the lower part. The upper part was umbrella-shaped and doubtless acted as a parachute.“

—  Филип Хосе Фармер американский писатель-фантаст 1918 - 2009

Из художественных произведений

„Bѣste bo is sometimes tma, but now the light of the Lord, as you walk, walk.“

— библия

библия, Ephesians 5: 8

Боб Марли фото
Филип Хосе Фармер фото
Этот перевод ждет рассмотрения. Правильный ли перевод?
Герберт Джордж Уэллс фото

„Money and credit are as much human contrivances as bicycles, and as liable to expansion and modification as any other sort of prevalent but imperfect machine. And how will the new republic treat the inferior races? How will it deal with the black? how will it deal with the yellow man? how will it tackle that alleged termite in the civilized woodwork, the Jew? Certainly not as races at all. It will aim to establish, and it will at last, though probably only after a second century has passed, establish a world state with a common language and a common rule. All over the world its roads, its standards, its laws, and its apparatus of control will run. It will, I have said, make the multiplication of those who fall behind a certain standard of social efficiency unpleasant and difficult… The Jew will probably lose much of his particularism, intermarry with Gentiles, and cease to be a physically distinct element in human affairs in a century or so. But much of his moral tradition will, I hope, never die. … And for the rest, those swarms of black, and brown, and dirty-white, and yellow people, who do not come into the new needs of efficiency? Well, the world is a world, not a charitable institution, and I take it they will have to go. The whole tenor and meaning of the world, as I see it, is that they have to go. So far as they fail to develop sane, vigorous, and distinctive personalities for the great world of the future, it is their portion to die out and disappear. The world has a greater purpose than happiness; our lives are to serve God's purpose, and that purpose aims not at man as an end, but works through him to greater issues.

Источник: https://ru.citaty.net/community/translations/237159/“

—  Герберт Джордж Уэллс английский писатель и публицист 1866 - 1946

Мэттью Беллами фото

„Interviewer: Who do you think is the coolest woman of all time?“

—  Мэттью Беллами английский вокалист, гитарист, клавишник и композитор 1978

Скарлетт Йоханссон фото
Этот перевод ждет рассмотрения. Правильный ли перевод?
Энн Райс фото
Редьярд Киплинг фото

„Four things greater than all things are,
Women and Horses and Power and War. Что опьяняет сильнее вина?
Женщины, лошади, власть и война.“

—  Редьярд Киплинг английский писатель из колониальной Индии 1865 - 1936

Великие вещи, все, как одна:
Женщины, Лошади, Власть и Война.