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Alfred Marshall

Дата рождения: 26. Июль 1842
Дата смерти: 13. Июль 1924


Альфред Маршалл — английский экономист, основоположник неоклассического направления в экономической науке, представляет кембриджскую школу экономики.

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„The most valuable of all capital is that invested in human beings;“

— Alfred Marshall
Context: If we compare one country of the civilized world with another, or one part of England with another, or one trade in England with another, we find that the degradation of the working-classes varies almost uniformly with the amount of rough work done by women. The most valuable of all capital is that invested in human beings; and of that capital the most precious part is the result of the care and influence of the mother, so long as she retains her tender and unselfish instincts, and has not been hardened by the strain and stress of unfeminine work. p. 468 (9th ed. 2009).

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