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Артур Шницлер

Дата рождения: 15. Май 1862
Дата смерти: 21. Октябрь 1931
Другие имена: Artur Schnitzler

Артур Шницлер — австрийский писатель, драматург.

Цитаты Артур Шницлер

„Терпимость — это когда прощают чужие ошибки; такт — когда не замечают их.“

„Сентиментальность — алиби жестокосердных.“

„Разве порядочный человек может в хорошие часы своей жизни думать в глубине души о чём-нибудь, кроме смерти?“

„Oh, we do not understand death, we never understand it; creatures are only truly dead when everyone else has died who knew them.“ Selected Short Fiction

„Am I sure? Only as sure as I am that the reality of one night, let alone that of a whole lifetime, can ever be the whole truth.“ Dream Story

„There are all kinds of flight from responsibility. There is a flight into death, a flight into sickness, and finally a flight into stupidity.“

„I write of love and death. What other subjects are there?“

„When you cannot love or hate anymore, then where is the charm of life?“

„You never so much want to be happy with a woman as when you know that you're ceasing to care for her.“

„Acho que devemos estar gratos ao destino por termos saído ilesos dessas aventuras - tanto as reais como as que sonhámos.
- Tens a certeza disso? - interregou ele.
- Sim, como também tenho a certeza que não é a realidade de uma única noite, nem a de toda uma vida que corresponde à verdade intrínseca de um ser humano.
- Nem sonho algum - suspirou ele calmamente - é inteiramente sonho.
Albertine segurou-lhe a cabeça com ambas as mãos e encostou-a ao seio.
- Agora estamos plenamente acordados - observou ela - por muito tempo.“
Dream Story

„It seemed to him a thousand times worse to stand there as the only one unmasked amid a host of masks, than suddenly to stand naked among those fully dressed.“ Dream Story

„Bertha divined what an enormous wrong had been wrought against the world in that the longing for pleasure is placed in woman just as in man; and that with women that longing is a sin, demanding expiation, if the yearning for pleasure is not at the same time a yearning for motherhood.“ Vienna 1900: Games With Love And Death

„So these—these were thefor which the youth of Vienna had yesterday sent him their thanks. Had he deserved them? He would not have been able to say. The whole sorry life that he had led now passed through his mind. Never had he felt so deeply that he was an old man, that not only the hopes, but also the disappointments lay far behind him. A dull hurt rose up in him. He put the book aside, he could not read on. He had the feeling that he had long since forgotten about himself.“ Später Ruhm: Novelle

„ANATOL: Ach, jak jsme se pak vraceli domů, v kočáře... jako dřív. Položila mi hlavu na prsa. Teď se už nikdy nerozloučíme - řekla...
MAX: Probuď se, příteli, a koukej, abys dospěl ku konci.
ANATOL: "Už se nikdy nerozloučíme"... A dnes ve dvě se žením!
MAX: S jinou.
ANATOL: Nu co; člověk se vždyždycky žení s jinou.“

„It seemed to her as if it had been an unpleasant day. She went over the actual events in her mind, and was astonished to find that, after all, the day had been like many hundreds before it and many, many more that were yet to come.“ Vienna 1900: Games With Love And Death

„The ovation roared around him. He felt nothing in particular, hardly even the embarrassment he had feared. He had to go up again—this time without Fräulein Gasteiner, and it was a little peculiar to him to hear the noise of clapping hands and the loud shouts of "Bravo". He bowed several times, turned to the door and then, just as the clapping was getting weaker, he heard a voice from slightly behind him, or to the side—he couldn't quite tell—but the words were perfectly distinct, no matter how quietly they had been said: "Poor devil!" He wanted to look around, but he felt that that would seem absurd.“ Später Ruhm: Novelle

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